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We’ve updated our Work-from-Home Toolbox to include all the content we’ve created for working away from the office, so that you can have the healthiest experience working from home!

Whether this is new for you, if you’ve been working remotely for years, or if you travel frequently for your job, it’s important to know how to prevent the risks that lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Why should you care about musculoskeletal disorders?

  • MSDs are painful disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, or spinal discs.
  • They progress over time. If you’re consistently using a workstation that isn’t designed to fit you and are exposed to risk factors like awkward postures, you are well on your way to developing a painful MSD.
  • MSDs such as back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome account for one third of workplace injury and illness costs.
  • The bottom line: MSDs are painful. Ergonomics—designing the workplace to match people’s capabilities—can help.

The resources here have tips from our certified professional ergonomists and will help you make your work-from-home experience safer and more comfortable. Take an online ergonomics assessment for free, check out the webinars, info sheets, blog posts, and educational videos below.

Ergonomics resources for your home office

Info Sheets

Blog Posts

The “Bottom Line” Videos

The bottom line is what really matters — the ultimate outcome from what’s being done. Take a look at these quick videos to find out the bottom lines of ergonomics for each role in the office, and your new work-from-home workspace.

Video (Captions available in Spanish, Chinese, and French)