Professional Services

We offer a range of professional services to help you address critical EHS challenges, especially around the management of hazardous chemicals. By providing you with coverage in areas where you may be under-sourced or require additional expertise, we can help give you the time you need to focus on the critical EHS tasks that drive operational efficiencies and bottom line performance.

SDS Authoring Services

Reclassifying chemicals and authoring in the new GHS style is both an art and a science. Our trained, certified, STEM-background professionals can author original SDSs, update existing MSDSs, translate new or existing SDSs, and even review your existing inventory to ensure all documents are in compliance with current regional regulations. Our custom-authored safety data sheets go through a critical review and quality assurance process to ensure complete accuracy and compliance with all local, national and international regulations, including 16-section ANSI, OSHA, WHMIS, EU, NAFTA, and other global formats.
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On-Site Chemical Inventory Audit

Hazard communication regulations require that you develop a complete inventory of the chemicals your company uses in the workplace and that you have a current safety data sheet (SDS) for each chemical in your inventory. This process can be labor-intensive, and cost your department valuable time and resources. That’s why VelocityEHS offers a wide range of services to help you simplify compliance, including an on-site chemical audit. We’ll do the hard work for you, sending our experienced experts to your location to create a site-specific chemical inventory and give you an accurate snapshot of your entire chemical footprint.
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Chemical Spill Response & Reporting Services

Our internet-based, 24/7 Emergency Response Management service gives you immediate access to online tools for notifying emergency responders, finding qualified cleanup contractors in your area, and completing all the required incident reports to keep you in compliance. Our team of dedicated experts will work with you to develop a customized spill contingency plan. When a spill occurs – day or night – a single toll-free phone call activates your plan. Our experts are on hand to help contain the clean-up costs as well as fulfill all the required written and telephone reporting requirements. This proactive approach ensures that all spills are handled efficiently and correctly to limit potential liability, reduce costs, prevent fines, and mitigate inflated claims and high remediation costs.

In addition to immediate coordination of incident reporting, you get access to a continuously updated listing of nearly 30,000 federal, state and local jurisdictions that require incident reports after spills. Our contractor database contains more than 3,000 qualified professional services throughout North America, so you can rest assured you’ll have access to crews that are equipped to quickly respond to spills in your area. What’s more, we use an automated system to track incidents, produce routine reports and generate root-cause analysis data to help you identify conditions and trends that can be corrected to improve safety and prevent future incidents.
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