Mining poses an array of EHS and sustainability challenges for a company; from the bottom of the org chart to the top, and everywhere in-between. The VelocityEHS Platform provides you with a complete picture of your safety, compliance, environmental and operational risks through a single platform, so you can concentrate on the most critical EHS tasks and elements of your business at any given time.


Incident Management

Simplifies the reporting, investigating and tracking of workplace incidents, with emphasis on prevention, by analyzing and monitoring risks and causes Learn More


Audit & Inspection

Improves the quality and efficiency of your compliance audit process, and engages the workforce in behavioral based safety Learn More


Risk Management

Simplifies the various methods for defining, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and the probability and impact of environmental aspects Learn More

Waste Compliance

Simplifies enterprise-wide waste management with more efficient waste storage time tracking, manifesting, and reporting to ensure compliance with waste management regulations Learn More


Performance Metrics

Helps you collect and report on key EHS performance indicators, resource allocations and environmental factors across your global enterprise Learn More


Compliance Management

Enables the tracking and management of regulatory issues to ensure compliance is being achieved Learn More


On-Demand Training

Provides on-demand access to nearly 100 workplace training courses to improve employee safety and simplify training compliance Learn More

Water Quality

Comprehensive monitoring, analysis & reporting that simplifies compliance with NPDES and other federal, state and municipal water quality & management standards Learn More

Avoiding Pitfalls

How do you perform with a bullseye on your back?

It’s an interesting time to be in mining. On the one hand, a global down-trend has companies on guard. On the other hand, tough times have called for desperate measures and many companies are seeing significant gains in productivity thanks to an array of strategies that are making mining one of the most progressive and exciting industries of the last five years.

Similarly, when you oversee EHS and sustainability in the mining industry, you have a lot of divergent market forces to contend with: labor relations, energy usage, fluctuating supply and demand, regulatory oversight, and miner safety. Companies are looking for a competitive edge wherever they can find it, even just a few percentage points in the right direction helps. While the number of mining accidents has dramatically declined in number and severity in recent decades, safety continues to be a top priority for those mining companies looking to gain a competitive advantage through lower DART rates and greater efficiencies.

Failure to execute your EHS strategy can set your company back. And catastrophic failures, in addition to heartbreaking loss of life, can lead to enormous financial losses and the destruction of your corporate image. In 2010, an explosion at Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia killed 29 miners and raised public concern over mine safety standards. The company’s CEO was eventually found guilty of conspiring to violate mine safety laws. The disaster serves as a modern-day example of not only the dangers that miners face, but the importance safety standards have on the well-being of those employed in the mining industry.


The VelocityEHS Platform helps clients in the mining industry take the targets off their backs and to stay focused on the important job of procuring the resources relied upon by almost every other industry. By helping you manage the array of EHS and sustainability tasks you face through an easy to use, centralized solution, we ensure that you have the real-time data you need to avoid regulatory and operational pitfalls.

Using our software, your incidents and near misses can be accurately and thoroughly tracked and reported, while corrective and preventative actions can be implemented to mitigate the risk of future incidents. Our solution also simplifies the process of managing environmental impact and complying with regulations and standards across multiple locations. Centrally track, measure and report on environmental metrics with up-to-date information and data.

Our advanced mobile capabilities are ideal for the mining industry, as users in the field can more easily scan, track and access information from any internet connected device. Our comprehensive workflow is supported by real-time information, while the single platform access makes data more easily accessible across all important decision makers in the company from the operator up to the CEO.

Helping You Be Better

The VelocityEHS Platform helps you better manage the risks to your business, your people and your environmental impact. Our tools eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with EHS and sustainability tasks so you can focus on being a more effective EHS leader.

Delivering Value

All of our products are designed with continuous feedback from customers like you. This deep level of understanding of the complex challenges EHS professionals face, in every industry, has helped us create a solution that delivers the most value to you and your business. Our easily accessible platform and relevant cloud EHS capabilities are more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provide the simplest user experience for you and your people.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

By leveraging our knowledge of EHS management best-practices and unique software design expertise, we’ve created a comprehensive solution that is highly effective and incredibly easy to use. Our simple and intuitive design means that you spend less time using the solution and more time focusing on the overall EHS performance of your facilities and people. We believe simplicity is paramount to user engagement and, ultimately, your success.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We understand that our success depends on your success. That’s why we believe it’s not about selling you software, but creating a supportive relationship with personalized service, support and expert advice. All of our solutions are backed by our team of experts to give you the personalized attention that helps you achieve your safety goals faster. It’s this responsiveness that sets us apart and makes companies continue to use our software solutions.