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Bring Your Meetings to Order with Our Safety Meetings Software

Meetings is just one of the many capabilities that are part of the VelocityEHS Safety Solution.

Safety Meetings, part of the VelocityEHS Safety Solution, automates key tasks so safety committee meetings and toolbox talks are efficient and easier for everyone to manage. Take control of every aspect of workplace meetings anywhere, anytime via mobile.

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Safety Meetings Software
Core Capabilities

Meeting Schedules and Notifications

Drive stakeholder engagement with auto alerts for upcoming meetings.

Topics and Agendas

Prime input and discussions ahead of time with shareable agendas.

Meeting Minutes

Provide transparency with auto-emailed meeting minutes.

Integrated Action Tracking

Ensure follow through on critical tasks with action management.

Mobile Meeting Management

Manage your meetings when and where you need with mobile app.

Meeting Schedules and Notifications

Drive stakeholder engagement with auto alerts for upcoming meetings.

Topics and Agendas

Prime input and discussions ahead of time with shareable agendas.

Meeting Minutes

Provide transparency with auto-emailed meeting minutes.

Integrated Action Tracking

Ensure follow through on critical tasks with action management.

Mobile Meeting Management

Manage your meetings when and where you need with mobile app.

VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform

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Supercharging Safety Committees: How to Develop Effective Advocates of Safety and Compliance Initiatives


View our complimentary on-demand webinar where we’ll walk you through a detailed safety committee development and implementation plan that will supercharge your safety committee performance and secure greater employee buy-in for your workplace safety programs.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS
Safety Meetings Software

Centralized Tasks

  • Details in a single location
  • Automate agendas & invites
  • Schedule recurring meetings
  • Run daily pre-job meetings

Worry-Free Meetings

  • Record notes & topic history
  • Distribute meeting minutes
  • Carry-over unfinished topics
  • Track & manage actions

Details Documented

  • Preserve records in one place
  • Organize by date & location
  • Report on successes
  • Send alerts on past-due actions

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Safety Meetings Software

Features & Benefits

Simplify Meeting Management

  • Easily schedule and track formal safety committees and informal pre-job meetings including crew briefings, safety time-outs, and toolbox talks
  • Invite attendees, assign meeting roles, manage meeting topics and agendas, and assign action items
  • Log meeting minutes for easy reference and recordkeeping, and distribute via email
  • Create notifications to instantly alert attendees of meeting schedules, status updates, and action item completion
  • Facilitate discussion of ongoing safety topics (process/material changes, job/location-specific hazards, training) and potential safety issues
  • Schedule Next feature allows you to quickly schedule recurring meetings and ‘carry-over’ unresolved topics, agendas, and action items

Gain Enterprise-Wide Visibility

  • View meeting attendance and history to quickly verify compliance with company safety policies
  • Track action item status & completion across multiple meetings and locations
  • Report and visualize safety meeting data to measure the effectiveness of separate meeting types in reducing incidents and injuries, and identify areas of persistent risk

Ensure Compliance and Effective Communication

  • Comprehensive safety meeting management tools to promote employee engagement in safety policies and practices
  • Provide visibility into safety meetings, reinforce a culture of safety and promote hazard awareness
  • Confirm and document the effectiveness of safety programs
  • Comply with state, federal, and international safety meeting requirements (Health Canada, OSHA, EU, ILO)
  • Improve preventive activity, contributing to decreased risk of severe incidents

Challenge & Solution

Staying on the Same Page

When your employees are spread out across multiple departments, work shifts, facilities, cities, and even continents, how do you make sure they are all on the same page when it comes to safety?

If you’re an EHS professional who follows industry best practices, safety meetings are likely one of your most trusted and valuable tools for keeping everyone moving in the same direction and improving your organization’s environment, health, safety, and sustainability programs. Frequent safety meetings have been shown to directly reduce the number of severe incidents and injuries in the workplace. Moreover, conducting regular safety meetings is required by law in a number of jurisdictions throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

However, if you’re like many other EHS professionals, coordinating and managing your organization’s safety meetings is a daunting task, not to mention following-up on all of the important issues discussed and uncovered in the process. Just keeping up with your own emails and calendar is difficult enough, but add to it any number of formal safety committee meetings or informal toolbox talks, and your management challenges grow exponentially.

Meeting dates, times, minutes, names of attendees and their job functions, hazards addressed, roles assigned, and actions taken is just some of the information agencies like CCOSH, HSE, and regulators in 22 U.S. states require businesses both large and small to document and maintain.

Safety meetings are great for communicating and addressing workplace hazards with employees, and serve as the foundation for a strong safety culture – but let’s face it, they can be a major headache. But what’s the alternative? If your employees don’t have access to the most up-to-date safety information, let alone the opportunity to participate in workplace safety programs, then there’s a good chance the safety culture of your organization is going to suffer.

The Simple Solution

Keeping track of safety meetings is fast and simple with VelocityEHS. Our Safety Meetings capabilities give you all the tools you need to record, track, distribute and report important safety meeting information across your organization. Meeting schedules, topics, agendas, meeting minutes, roles and responsibilities, action item status, and all of your other meeting documentation can be recorded and housed in one centralized system, and instantly distributed to meeting attendees via email. There’s no greater tool to help you plan and organize safety meetings at your workplace, and to steal back some time from your busy calendar.

For EHS managers, VelocityEHS Safety Meetings gives you full visibility of employee attendance and participation in safety meetings to ensure compliance with internal policies and safety standards. Quickly and easily track issue resolution, generate accurate, up-to-date reports to demonstrate the success of safety programs, and monitor your organization’s compliance with applicable safety meeting regulations. Our capabilities help you coordinate and conduct safety meetings with greater speed and ease to help reduce risks and promote a strong safety culture.

VelocityEHS cloud-based Safety Meetings capabilities can be accessed anywhere, from any mobile device. Whether it’s a quick safety talk on the hood of your work truck or a formal Joint Health & Safety Committee review, VelocityEHS gives you the freedom and flexibility to coordinate, document, and distribute safety meeting information no matter where you are.

VelocityEHS Safety Meetings turns safety meeting management from a balancing act into a focused and integral component of your organization’s safety culture.

The Value of VelocityEHS

Helping You Be Better

Our Safety Meetings capabilities give you a comprehensive set of tools to create, schedule, distribute, track, and report safety meeting information throughout your organization. With more streamlined and effective scheduling and reporting capabilities in place, you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. VelocityEHS helps you eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with conducting and reporting workplace safety meetings and safety information, so you can focus on being a more effective EHS and ESG leader.

Delivering Value

Our Safety Meetings capabilities were designed with industry in mind, integrating continuous feedback from customers just like you. Our deep understanding of the complex challenges EHS professionals face on a daily basis has helped us to develop a solution that is suited to your needs, and delivers the greatest value to you and your business. VelocityEHS is more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provides the most engaging user experience for you and your employees.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

We believe simplicity is paramount to your success. By leveraging our EHS expertise and knowledge of industry best-practices, we’ve created Safety Meetings capabilities that provide the best user experience, and make safety meeting management simple. Our easy-to-use, intuitive design means that you spend less time entering data and using the software, and more time focusing on the safety of your workplace.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We’re dedicated to the continued success of our customers. That’s why, in addition to delivering award-winning software solutions, we strive to build supportive partnerships with our customers and offer them personalized service, support, and advice. VelocityEHS Safety Meetings capabilities are backed by our team of customer care experts who are there to help you achieve your EHS and ESG goals faster, and build a strong culture of safety in your workplace. It’s this commitment that sets us apart, and the reason why companies continue to invest in our industry-leading software solutions.

The Accelerate Platform is EHS & ESG done right.®

Built-in guides & training

Business intelligence & reporting

3rd-party integration ready

Accelerated time to value

All actions & tasks in one place

All-in-one Accelerate Platform on desktop with solution icons surrounding it

Auto-alerts, emails & texts

20+ languages

Cloud-based — easy to update

Dedicated customer support

GDPR & SOC 2 compliant

What our customers say…

“Now, nobody says, ‘Wait a minute, why didn’t that get done?’ Now, it gets done. This has made a big difference. Things stay organized and accountable.”

Senior Safety Health & Environment Manager, Cobham

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