Support Services

We dedicate ourselves to delivering unparalleled support to you; on doing our best to anticipate your questions and making information you need easily accessible; on taking the time to listen to you and provide expert advice and best-practice approaches to solving your EHS challenges. We believe it’s this level of responsiveness that sets us apart and the reason our customers renew with us year after year, consistently rating us highly for customer satisfaction.

Customer Implementation & Onboarding

Our team of EHS specialists will be with you for every step of the onboarding process. We’ll analyze your unique needs and configure software accordingly to deliver the compliance management, incident management, and other EHS management solutions in the way that you need them. Throughout the process, we will communicate clearly and openly regarding capabilities, budgets and timelines so there are no surprises or hiccups.

User Training

Our remote and onsite user-training capabilities give our customers the product knowledge and skills they need to succeed from day one. Our user training modules include: System Administrator and Super User Training, Train-The-Trainer, Beta/User Acceptance Tester Training, End User Training, and IT Support Training.

User & Technical Support

Every VelocityEHS customer receives access to full application support services. We make it easy for users to contact our Customer Service Team and submit support requests, which are resolved in the most accurate and timely manner possible. Customers who are subscribed to our Business and Enterprise services also receive access to their own dedicated customer care website where support issues and requests can be sent directly to the Customer Service Team, with the ability to view the status of issues and requests 24/7 at the touch of a button.

Ongoing Education & Shared Expertise

When you do business with VelocityEHS, you become part of a community of users who share skills, best practices, and expertise with one another. A tremendous source of EHS and software advice, over the years our user community has become one of our most powerful assets. We are delighted to offer it to our customers.

Hosting Support

With VelocityEHS, you never have to worry about access or hosting issues. Our servers are up 24/7, guaranteed, and feature connection, power redundancy, and full back-up. This provides the performance you need while reducing the burden on your internal IT resources, and eliminating up-front licensing and hardware costs. Our privacy, security, up-time and disaster recovery controls have been third party verified against national and international standards.