Critical Control Verification

What is Critical Control Verification?

When it comes to EHS risk, it’s not enough to simply identify it – you also need to control it. And just as importantly, you need to verify that the controls are designed, implemented and effective. That’s what critical control verification is all about. It involves scheduling inspections to verify that controls are in place, documenting the inspection results, and instigating corrective actions when needed.

Why Do We Do Control Verification?

Control verification keeps us honest. It helps us prove we’re really doing what we say, and think we’re doing. This is especially important when it comes to our most significant risks. Of course, being able to demonstrate that we’re controlling risks isn’t just a nice thing to do – it’s also a requirement under international regulations and standards such as Australia’s Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, the UK’s Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH), OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, or ISO 45001, among many others.

We manage control verification most effectively when we have our verifications linked directly to our risk register – the list of our potential hazards and associated risks, rated both before and after implementation of controls. This makes our risk management process continuous thoughout the plant life-cycle, improving efficiency and safety. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process without the right tools, but modern EHS software makes it much easier to do robust control verification.

Benefits of integrating control verification with your risk register include:

  • Real-world control visibility across all risks
  • Improved ability to evaluate the effectiveness of controls
  • Faster identification of issues and non-compliances
  • Better protection for workers
  • Compliance with legal requirements and international standards
  • Better employee buy-in through visibility of results

How VelocityEHS Can Help

VelocityEHS Risk Verification is for those with less and less time to tackle a growing list of control verifications. Our software makes it easy for you to schedule your most important verifications, assign them to the right people, and document completion. Best of all, you can perform control verifications whether you’re on-line or off-line, and our software links and syncs findings back to your risk register, giving you the seamless management you need. VelocityEHS lets you build and share performance standards across your controls, so you can see how effective your controls are in practice and find out where to make adjustments, if needed. You get real-time visibility of critical control effectiveness as controls are verified in the field – all on a convenient dashboard view.

Critical Control Verifications are part of our broad range of Risk Management solutions. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Quickly schedule and deliver critical control verifications to the right people
Simple, no-training-required method to perform verifications
Real-time results enable fast identification of non-compliances
Instant visibility of inspection data, accessible in one place
Schedule risk reviews and performance standard reviews
Categorize results according to the appropriate safety management system element

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