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Ignite Magazine from VelocityEHS provides you with the best and most timely EHS and ESG expertise and resources — all in one place online. You won’t want to miss an issue.


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What’s featured in the latest issue?

Edition 06: EHS & ESG Resilience in Times of Turmoil

Our latest issue dives deep into the topic of building EHS & ESG resilience in times of turmoil, offering insights from VelocityEHS experts and valued partners to help you navigate and conquer various obstacles to achieve and sustain EHS & ESG excellence. Inside, you’ll find topics such as:

+  A Candle in the Dark: How Risk Management Builds Business Resilience

Digital Resilience & IT Security

+  Holistic Chemical Management: Moving Beyond Compliance

+  Expert Q&As with Velocity partners J.S. Held, Fit For Work and STP ComplianceEHS

+  And much more

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Preview of Ignite Magazine, Edition 5 on a tablet and opened in print

Ignite Magazine, Edition 05:
EHS & ESG Myths vs. Truths


Our fifth issue shares “EHS & ESG Myths vs. Truths,” offering expert insights and resources to help you understand the reality about common EHS/ESG misconceptions and give you the info you need to strengthen your programs and get your stakeholders in alignment.

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Preview of Ignite Magazine, Edition 4 on a tablet and opened in print

Ignite Magazine, Edition 04:
Accelerating the Maturity Curve


The fourth issue of Ignite Magazine focuses on “Accelerating the Maturity Curve,” offering expert insights and resources to help you mature your organization’s EHS and ESG programs.

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Preview of Ignite Magazine, Edition 3 on a tablet and opened in print

Ignite Magazine, Edition 03:
EHS & ESG Thought Leadership


Our third issue focuses on looking ahead for EHS and ESG success, including articles, resources, and insights to help organizations plan during challenging times.

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Ignite Magazine, Edition 02:
Ergonomics Thought Leadership


Our second issue focuses on Ergonomics, a topic important to workplaces around the world. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which ergonomics helps to combat, are the top nonfatal occupational injury, accounting for one out of four workplace injuries, and costing more than $20 billion each year.

View Issue #2

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Ignite Magazine, Edition 01:
Global Enterprise ESG & EHS Thought Leadership


Our debut issue focuses on ESG (environmental, social, and governance), a topic that’s been top-of-mind for EHS and sustainability professionals in a world that is increasingly focused on issues such as climate risk and diversity.

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