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Office Ergonomics

Educate & empower employees to drive improvements.

Musculoskeletal disorders such as back strain and carpal tunnel syndrome account for 1/3 of workplace injury and illness costs. Yet, research shows that less than 5% of office employees need one-on-one help from an expert.

VelocityEHS Office Ergonomics lets you quickly launch, manage, and sustain a large-scale ergonomics process on your own, no matter where your office employees are located.


Benefits of VelocityEHS Office Ergonomics
on the Accelerate® Platform


Reduce training and assessment times by 75% and minimize need for face-to-face assessments.


Educate employees to solve their own issues and tailor features to your company’s needs.


Identify trends and track solutions, approve action plans and specify equipment options.

Who Uses VelocityEHS Ergonomics?

Three key components

Online training and self-assessment tools help employees identify issues and improve the ergonomic fit of their own workstations.

  • Interactive online training takes under 30 minutes
  • Includes knowledge checks for learning verification
  • Teaches your employees how to set up their workstations
  • Addresses the traditional office as well as home offices

Data collected from the employee self-assessment helps to prioritize issues and show trends in equipment needs.

  • Addresses offices, remote and mobile work, and material handling
  • Offers instant feedback and recommendations
  • Complete in 10 minutes or less
  • Helps your people take immediate action

And, you as the facilitator can address hundreds or thousands of workstations in half the time.

  • Shows you who needs individual assessments or follow-up
  • Helps with equipment needs and purchasing planning
  • Stores and shares follow-up assessment results and notes
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88 K E-Learnings Completed
13 Languages Supported
30 Minutes or Less

Benefits of VelocityEHS Office Ergonomics

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Managing your office ergonomics process doesn't have to be difficult.

Whether it’s improved comfort and productivity, greater employee well-being or a stronger workplace culture, the benefits of office ergonomics are hard to deny. But relying on traditional, in-person training and expert consultation to manage your entire process can be a huge drain on your time and resources. You need a way to empower your people to take ownership of their own office workspace.

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Work-From-Home Ergonomics Resources

This year, many office workers transitioned out of traditional offices and into their homes resulting in increased reports of pain and discomfort. In a recent survey, over 40% of remote employees expressed concern with their home office set-ups. Here are some resources to help you manage the health of your remote workforce.