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Taking Care of Our Water is Everyone’s Concern

VelocityEHS Water Quality is just one of the many capabilities that are part of the Environmental Compliance Solution.

The Environmental Compliance Solution, part of the VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform, simplifies compliance with international, federal and municipal water quality standards with comprehensive monitoring, analysis and reporting capabilities.

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Core Capabilities

NPDES/SWPPP Compliance

Align with strictest global water regulations.

Sample Monitoring and Analysis

Track and confirm water quality.

Loading Rate Calculation

Run automatic data calculations in real-time.

Data Logging, Verification and Auditing

Perform rigorous data validation and controls.

NPDES/SWPPP Compliance

Align with strictest global water regulations.

Sample Monitoring and Analysis

Track and confirm water quality.

Loading Rate Calculation

Run automatic data calculations in real-time.

Data Logging, Verification and Auditing

Perform rigorous data validation and controls.

VelocityEHS Environmental Management Software

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Stormwater Management Programs: How to Integrate Best Practices and Software to Improve Compliance


Join us to learn how your organization can take advantage of the latest stormwater management technology tools to help ensure that you are cost-effectively managing your stormwater program and maintaining a high level of compliance.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS
Water Quality Software

Simplified Data

  • Centralize storm/wastewater discharge data
  • Log CEMS data with OSIsoft© PI
  • Instantly upload data via integrated PDF forms
  • Easily import historic discharge data

Real-Time Monitoring
& Calculation

  • Map discharge points
  • Access full equation library & custom formula builder
  • Auto-calculate discharge loading rates
  • Get alerts for permit exceedances & limits

Streamlined Water
Quality Reporting

  • Simplify custom analytics with Report Wizard
  • Auto-generate DMRs for NPDES/SWPPP compliance
  • Access data/calculation stamping & audit trail

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Water Quality Software

Features & Benefits

Simplify Data Collection

  • Generate custom PDF data collection forms that let you instantly upload field monitoring data to your database in real-time
  • OSIsoft© PI Interface automates data transfer from your remote monitoring and control equipment
  • Universal unit conversion allows you to record sample data in any unit of measure and standardize outputs to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements
  • Mobile access lets you quickly and easily record discharge data using your tablet or smartphone

Real-Time Monitoring & Calculation

  • Customizable user preferences help you quickly organize and access discharge monitoring data
  • Real-time calculation of sample parameters and loading rates
  • Edit data tag parameters to create alerts when values fall outside accepted ranges
  • Automatically receive alerts when loading rates approach permit limits

Effortless Compliance Reporting

  • Perform comprehensive monitoring and reporting for compliance with various global reporting requirements including NPDES/SWPPP
  • Simplify compliance with a wide range of state, federal, and international water quality standards
  • Historical data-logging includes date and time stamping of all data entries and calculations for easier, more accurate verification and auditing
  • Report Wizard helps you with custom metrics and reports, complete with multiple file export options
  • Quickly generate and export DMRs for direct submission to EPA’s NetDMR and NeT interfaces, and various state-hosted electronic reporting systems

Challenge & Solution

Facilities that generate and discharge wastewater face a long list of monitoring and reporting requirements. Staying in compliance requires precise monitoring and analysis of a variety of water quality indicators at each discharge point throughout each of your facilities and timely reporting of discharge data to federal, state, and local resource management agencies.

However, collecting accurate water quality data can be an extraordinary challenge. In addition to physical sampling and monitoring activities, you are also required to perform complex loading rate calculations for a wide range of water quality indicators. Manually entering the data and performing required calculations using spreadsheets or paper forms requires time and effort you can’t afford, and leaves you at substantial risk for errors and inconsistencies.

The difficulty increases when submitting your discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) to EPA and other resource management agencies, or when documenting your compliance with international environmental standards like ISO 14001. You need to verify that each measurement and calculation was performed using approved analytical methods, and is done in compliance with your discharge permits. The reports then need to be formatted for submission to EPA and other agencies’ electronic reporting systems. Failure to provide complete and accurate reports can result in severe fines and penalties.

The Simple Solution

VelocityEHS Water Quality capabilities provide the water/wastewater monitoring and reporting capabilities you need to ensure compliance with a wide variety of water quality regulations, including the Clean Water Act (US), the Fisheries Act and Ontario Water Resources Act (Canada), and Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (Europe). VelocityEHS gives you a centralized, cloud-based system for recording and analyzing sample data from every point of discharge, at every facility across your entire enterprise — performing complex loading calculations in real-time to give you the most accurate, up-to-date monitoring capabilities available.

Generate and upload your DMR reports to state and federal electronic reporting systems with just a few simple clicks, and create custom reports to demonstrate compliance with various municipal, state, and federal regulations. Our solution’s unique hybrid equation editor offers the flexibility to create your own custom calculation formulas, while also giving you access to a full library of pre-built standard equations.

Full equation stamping of each calculation simplifies the verification and auditing process to ensure your discharge monitoring data is accurate and in compliance with approved methods and standards. OSIsoft© PI Interface lets you directly link to your data historian, control equipment, monitoring equipment, and discharge sources for automated data entry in real-time — saving you countless hours of manual data entry and eliminating the potential for costly errors.

VelocityEHS gives you powerful wastewater discharge monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities, without the headaches of other systems’ more costly, time-consuming, and consultant-focused implementation models. That means you can have our solution up and running faster, and without the need for third-party personnel to operate and maintain your software.

The Value of VelocityEHS

Helping You Be Better

Our Water Quality capabilities help you better manage the risks to your business and the environment. With more streamlined and effective discharge monitoring and reporting, you can spend less time worrying about compliance, and more time focusing on your business goals. Our solution eliminates the day-to-day burdens of collecting, calculating, and organizing your sample data so you can focus on being a more effective EHS and ESG leader.

Delivering Value

Our Water Quality capabilities were designed with industry best practices and continuous feedback from customers like you. This deep understanding of the complex challenges that come with accurate discharge monitoring and reporting has helped us create a solution that delivers the most value to you and your business. Our easy-to-use, easy-to-access cloud capabilities are more affordable, quicker, and easier to implement and offer the simplest user experience for you and your employees.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

By leveraging our EHS and ESG expertise and knowledge of industry best practices, we’ve created Water Quality capabilities that provide the simplest, most engaging user experience. Our simple and intuitive design means you spend less time using the software, giving you more time to focus on reaching your goals. We believe simplicity is paramount to your success.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We measure our success by that of our customers. That’s why we believe it’s not about selling you software, but about forging a strong partnership focused on personalized service, support, and expert advice. Our Water Quality capabilities are backed by our team of experts who’ll give you personalized attention to help you achieve your goals faster. It’s this responsiveness that sets us apart and why more than 20,000 companies continue to trust and rely on our software solutions.

The Accelerate Platform is EHS & ESG done right.®

Built-in guides & training

Business intelligence & reporting

3rd-party integration ready

Accelerated time to value

All actions & tasks in one place

All-in-one Accelerate Platform on desktop with solution icons surrounding it

Auto-alerts, emails & texts

20+ languages

Cloud-based — easy to update

Dedicated customer support

GDPR & SOC 2 compliant

What our customers say…

“We realized VelocityEHS was going to allow us to reach our objectives for both incident management and auditing in ways we hadn’t even envisioned. Seeing what the product could do made it a pretty easy choice in the end.”


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