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Video Transcript

EHS managers face a seemingly ever-expanding list of compliance and risk management tasks that require quick and decisive action.

Assigning, tracking, and documenting corrective and preventive actions is a difficult and time-consuming job, especially if your organization a committed to industry standards, like ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, which all have substantial action requirements.

And, trying to manage the process with paper, spreadsheets, emails or outdated software makes the battle that much harder – especially if you are dealing with hundreds of actions over multiple locations and trying to keep track of photos, reports and other related items caught in impenetrable silos.

VelocityEHS Corrective Actions helps organize the process by centralizing all of your action information, from across products, into a single location accessible to everyone.

And since we know how integral an effective corrective action process is to your EHS success, our solution is simple to use and designed with end users in mind, so you get greater engagement from your people and better data consistency across departments.

Actions is available on the VelocityEHS platform as both a standalone product or integrated into our award-winning EHS solutions like: Incident Management, Audit & Inspection, Compliance Management, Management of Change, Training Management, Safety Meetings, Risk Analysis, and Performance Metrics.

With mobile access, online or off, automated email notifications when due dates are coming up or past due, and easy reporting features, you have an opportunity not only to close the loop on corrective actions but can also accelerate the time it takes to close a case once it’s been opened.

You’re already on the hook for action outcomes, now’s your chance to take better control of the entire process.

Make it easier to mobilize your workforce to help prevent incidents and perform compliance tasks with greater speed and efficiency with VelocityEHS Corrective Actions today.