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Video Transcript

As the person responsible for managing compliance in your organization, you must stay on top of a growing number of complex local, national, and even international regulations.

And depending upon your industry, you may also have to contend with strict global EHS standards, like ISO programs 14001 and 45001, or even more stringent internal standards.

Whether issued by OSHA, the EPA, Health Canada, HSE, the OSH Framework Directive, or other jurisdictions, just the time required to keep up with new or changing regulatory requirements can be challenging.

Unfortunately, compliance management is just one of your many critical tasks.

Without a simple, centralized system giving you 100 percent visibility into your compliance footprint, it’s easy to lose sight of your obligations.

VelocityEHS Compliance Management software solves this by creating a single reference point for the regulatory requirements you face across all of your facilities and jurisdictions.

Our cloud-based EHS software platform lets you easily monitor compliance with regulations, permits, and internal policies; Maintain a library of regulations, policy documents and permits; Assign compliance tasks and action items to individuals; Track action items in a simple compliance calendar; And generate summary reports to provide all stakeholders valuable insight into the compliance exposures and resolutions within your organization.

And with the best mobile experience in the industry, you can easily track compliance tasks, deadlines, permit limits, due dates, and agency communications whenever you need to from any mobile device.

Using VelocityEHS is the simplest way to identify compliance trends and prioritize related corrective and preventive actions throughout your organization.

Now, with the right tools in place you can identify and correct problems before they result in costly violations and manage EHS compliance before it manages you.