Reach your
EHS goals faster.

Reach your EHS goals faster.

We deliver EHS management software that solves complex business challenges in simple ways. Our implementations are quicker, cost less and are more successful than traditional enterprise software systems. The real value of our solution is not the software itself, but how well it helps you do your job and achieve your goals!

Join more than 12,000 customers and 8 million users worldwide who trust VelocityEHS to help them reach their EHS goals faster.

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Gain better

Gain better visibility.

Managing EHS and sustainability data on spreadsheets is inefficient and costly. Our single-point EHS management platform lets you centralize your information – like incident reports, near-miss data, safety processes and environmental spills – in one place. Get the insight you need to improve health, safety and environmental impacts with a real-time, global view of the operational risks in your workplace.

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  • Eliminate Spreadsheets
  • Save Time Collecting Data
  • Assess & Mitigate Risks
  • Identify Compliance Gaps
  • Avoid Fines & Penalties
  • Improve Reporting


Smart solutions.

Built to help you run EHS programs according to industry best practices, our software gives you best-of-breed functionality right out of the box – yet it is still configurable to meet your unique requirements. Wherever possible, we use one carefully designed product to address similar processes across multiple EHS functions. Our Risk Analysis product, for example, runs industry leading JSAs, HAZOPs and ISO 14001 environmental risk assessments. So, it’s fewer products to learn and fewer products to buy.

Our easy-to-use EHS management software is designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

The VelocityEHS

The VelocityEHS advantage.


Helping You
Be Better

Our approach centers on partnering with you to ensure we are all working from a clear set of objectives that deliver value and empower you to be a more effective EHS leader.



Our software is designed in partnership with EHS professionals like you. This deep level of understanding of your complex challenges helps us create well-designed, best practice solutions that deliver value to your business.


Solving Complex
Problems Simply

Easy-to-use and intuitive software gets used. Simplicity drives companywide engagement in your EHS programs faster, enabling you to better identify and manage risks and lead a safer, more sustainable company.

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Get value
from the cloud.

Get value from the cloud.

Many talk cloud, but few walk the walk.

Designed for the cloud, our solution delivers less expensive (no outside consultant fees), more predictable and faster implementations – often in as little as 2-4 weeks.

A fundamentally different user experience that’s centered on the tasks and information that matter most to your business. It’s the easy way to boost productivity, improve user adoption, increase data quality and reduce training.

Available for any mobile device, giving you and your employees ready access anywhere.

Immediate access to our latest releases to keep pace with your evolving requirements and changing regulations.

A partner
that listens to you.

A partner that listens to you.

Trust VelocityEHS to have your back. We won’t try to sell you bells and whistles you don’t need. We’ll take the time to listen to you and to give you expert, best-practice approaches to solving your EHS challenges. That’s why our customers are our biggest advocates.

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Stay ahead of
the EHS curve.

Stay ahead of the EHS curve.

We’ll help you keep an eye on industry trends and best practices and provide you with the news and tools you need to keep moving in the right direction and ahead of the pack.