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Video Transcript

If managing hazardous chemicals is part of your job, then you know how hard it is to keep up with changing chemical regulations – like GHS adoption, chemical inventory reporting, and providing employees with right-to-know access to the relevant safety data sheets.

Worse, chasing compliance using a paper and three-ring binder system due to budget constraints, or an electronic solution that is overly complex, takes a long time to implement, or doesn’t have all of the tools you need, is time-consuming and can quickly lead to non-compliance. It puts your employees’ health and safety at risk.

If that’s your life today, then it’s time to make a change. There is a simpler way to manage your SDSs, chemical inventory and regulatory compliance.

At VelocityEHS, we recently updated our award-winning MSDSonline platform (now VelocityEHS Health Solution) to make our SDS/chemical inventory solutions even easier to use and implement!

The best by far just got better.

Our cloud and mobile-enabled software is so easy to use, your employees will actually use it.

MSDSonline is the quickest way to upgrade your workplace health and safety program and make chemical safety everyone’s responsibility.

The MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR accounts offer unlimited cross-device access to our industry-leading database of manufacturer-original safety data sheets.

With millions of SDSs at your fingertips, getting the documents you need when you need them is a snap.

Simply enter a chemical product name, manufacturer name, product code or CAS number and click Search.

Quickly select one or more of the SDSs you need from the search results and add them to our personal eBinder: the online library that contains your specific SDS documents.

If you’re unable to find the SDS you need, just request it from us.

We’ll contact the manufacturer on your behalf and add it to your eBinder as soon as we receive it.

Your HQ and HQ RegXR account includes a newly expanded and configurable, multi-level location hierarchy that lets you easily mirror your organization’s actual structure.

You can assign specific SDSs to one or multiple facility, worksite, or chemical storage locations within the hierarchy, right from your eBinder.

The HQ and HQ RegXR accounts also include our SDS Auto Update feature.

Any time we update our database with a newer version of an SDS in your eBinder, we notify you and automatically update your account with the new information.

This is especially helpful to those working through a GHS transition.

The HQ and HQ RegXR accounts are OSHA- and WHMIS-compliant for SDS management, and full of features to help you do your job better.

Like: our newly expanded language capabilities that help ensure employees have access to vital chemical safety information in the languages they understand.

Tools to manage an up-to-date library of documents across your locations, and the ability to deploy right-to-know SDS access to your employees wherever they are – even in remote locations – even when they are offline.

Of course, we give you multiple ways to back up your SDS library – including mobile and desktop apps, our fax-back service, an option to save documents to a flash drive or DVD, and the ability to print out hard copies.

You’ll also benefit from streamlined workplace labelling functionality.

Easily generate consistent container labels for the chemicals in your inventory in a variety of label sizes and regulatory formats, including GHS.

Our system even integrates with the industry’s top GHS printer and label vendors.

In addition to SDS management and labelling tools, our newly enhanced HQ and HQ RegX accounts offer detailed, container-level tracking, and mapping of all the chemicals your organization is using or storing.

When chemicals move within your organization, your MSDSonline account can track and reflect these changes for easy reference.

Both HQ and HQ RegXR dramatically expand your view into your organization’s chemical inventory with reporting that helps you answer the questions: what chemicals do we have, how much do we have, and where are these chemicals used or stored?

Likewise, you can track and report your EPA Tier II chemicals.

Automatically identify reportable chemicals in your inventory, do the necessary conversions and calculations, and quickly generate ready-to-submit EPA Tier II reports.

Finally, if you’re ready to take your environmental and regulatory compliance to the next level, the HQ RegXR offers newly expanded reporting options.

Use it to automatically identify and flag products containing ingredients regulated on various state, federal and international hazardous substance lists.

It’s a powerful regulatory cross-referencing engine that eliminates the complexity of meeting regulatory reporting requirements.

With VelocityEHS’ MSDSonline solutions, you get more than 20 years of software innovation combined with industry best practices.

Affordable, mobile, and backed by unparalleled customer service, so you can make informed, sustainable decisions about your company’s hazardous chemicals.

Talk to VelocityEHS today and find out why more companies like yours, from every industry, choose MSDSonline to simplify their SDS/chemical management and regulatory compliance needs.