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STP ComplianceEHS & VelocityEHS: Compliance Always In-Sync

VelocityEHS is proud to partner with STP ComplianceEHS, one of North America’s premier publishers of comprehensive technical online resource guides in the areas of environmental, health and safety, transportation, business practices, standards and laws.

This partnership integrates the STP ComplianceEHS AuditHub service with our best-in-class Safety Solution with Audit & Inspection capabilities, giving you the ability to automatically generate audit and inspection checklists that are custom-built to verify compliance with the unique regulations and standards that impact your organization, then instantly deploy those checklists directly to users across any and all of your locations via the VelocityEHS Mobile App.

It also integrates the STP ComplianceEHS RegHub service with our Compliance Management capabilities, providing access to a continuously updated library of essential regulatory documents spanning global environmental, health, safety and transportation laws and regulations. The integration allows you to automatically update your internal EHS legal registers, track requirements and coordinate compliance tasks (permit renewals, reporting, etc.) to keep you ahead of compliance in a challenging regulatory landscape.

As part of our partnership, VelocityEHS is now a licensed distributor of STP ComplianceEHS RegHub and AuditHub services—giving you the ability to implement our Audit & Inspection, Compliance Management solutions and STP ComplianceEHS regulatory content together so you can get up and running in less time and at a lower cost, and making enterprise-level compliance intelligence accessible to organizations of any size, no matter where you operate.

Benefits Include:

  • Expedite audit processes with comprehensive regulatory applicability assessments and auto-populated checklists
  • Instantly update audit and inspection checklists on-demand to incorporate the most current applicable requirements
  • Receive notifications of any regulatory changes to your Legal Registers, Compliance Calendar and Audit & Inspection checklists
  • Drill down into checklist items and compliance requirements with the STP ComplianceEHS full-text regulation library, even when you’re on the go.
  • Put powerful inspection and action item management tools in workers’ hands, wherever they operate, with the VelocityEHS Mobile App

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“STP ComplianceEHS and VelocityEHS have developed a trusted relationship that delivers unique and comprehensive solutions to help our clients to streamline operations, get data translated into clear and usable requirements and stay in compliance at all times.”

Gail Ankiewicz, President, STP ComplianceEHS

VelocityEHS Safety Solution Software

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Audit & Inspection Capabilities

VelocityEHS Safety Solution gives you a purpose-built software solution to manage audits, inspections and behavior based safety (BBS) observations across your entire organization. You can quickly and easily deploy an unlimited number of pre-loaded and custom checklists, instantly initiate corrective actions and track compliance, all from one centralized and easy-to-use mobile platform.

Watch the video to see how VelocityEHS’ Safety Solution will help you simplify compliance and drive EHS performance.

Benefits Include:

Improve Consistency & Efficiency

  • Streamline audits and inspections to eliminate risks and reduce costs
  • Standardize EHS program evaluation & performance across your organization
  • Boost employee engagement with easy-to-use mobile audit & inspection tools

Drive Compliance and Performance

  • Leverage STP ComplianceEHS AuditHub(opens in a new tab) integration to automatically generate tailored audit & inspection checklists
  • Accurately verify compliance with applicable regulations, policies and standards
  • Easily build custom checklists to match your specific requirements

Extensive & Flexible Reporting

  • Quickly and clearly view audit & inspection program activities
  • Generate reports to evaluate compliance, spot trends and reveal areas for improvement
  • Configure Reports & Dashboards to provide real-time audit & inspection metrics

VelocityEHS Compliance Management Software

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Compliance Management Software

VelocityEHS Compliance Management is a comprehensive cloud software capability for managing compliance tasks, permits and all of your regulatory and policy requirements across your entire organization—all in one centralized system.

Ready to gain top-down control of compliance across your entire organization?

Benefits Include:

Maintain Ongoing Compliance

  • Monitor requirements, permits and associated tasks in a simple compliance calendar
  • Automatically build and maintain a comprehensive library of regulatory requirements with STP Compliance EHS RegHub
  • Gain top-down visibility and control of compliance across your organization

Strengthen Accountability

  • Quickly assign tasks to groups or individual owners based on requirement
  • Send automatic email reminders about compliance tasks, and escalating email notifications when deadlines are missed
  • Set action items recurring or non-recurring based on the nature of the action

Reduce Compliance Risk

  • Track critical permit dates, agency communication, renewals and limits
  • Quickly identify non-compliance by location or requirement using a single software solution
  • Reports & Dashboards let you monitor non-conformities and deviations, at-a-glance

Ready to see VelocityEHS in action?

See How VelocityEHS & STP ComplianceEHS Can Help Revolutionize Compliance for Your Business. Request a quote or talk with one of our EHS compliance experts on 1.866.919.7922