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Risk Management: Trust, But Verify

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The VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform provides concrete verification your risks are under control. Confidence comes from knowing your people and processes are aligned and in good health.

Core Capabilities

  • Master Controls
  • Performance Standards
  • Schedule & Monitor Verifications
  • Control Ownership
  • For All Risk Types (Technical, Operational, Enterprise)

A cloud software solution designed for easy use with your tablet or smartphone, giving you the flexibility to manage every aspect of risk management anywhere, anytime.

Features & Benefits Checklist

Benefits of VelocityEHS Risk Management

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Case Study: DYNO NOBEL

Since implementing Risk Management software from VelocityEHS, commercial explosives firm Dyno Nobel has enjoyed a reduction in injury rate, increased efficiency and strengthened their safety culture and behaviors.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS Risk Verification

Simplify Risk Verification Tasks

  • Define metrics to accurately measure performance
  • Integrate custom
    performance ratings
  • Embed auditor notes
  • Map performance standards to critical controls

Schedule &
Monitor Verifications

  • Schedule & deliver verifications
  • Deploy no-training-required verification methods
  • Identify non-compliances
    in real-time
  • Track location level risk management activities

Improve Visibility
& Reporting

  • Drive employee engagement with org-wide visibility
  • Access to inspection
    & audit data
  • Document compliance with international regulations
  • View inspection results

The Accelerate Platform is EHS & Sustainability done right.®

Quick: Implement in weeks not months
Insightful: Business intelligence & reporting
Helpful: Built-in guides & training
Friendly: 3rd party Integration ready
Fast ROI: Accelerated time-to-value
Simple: All actions & tasks in one place
Informative: Auto alerts, emails & texts
Multilingual: 20+ languages
Effortless: Easy to update & upgrade
Mobile: Highest mobile adoption
Attentive: Committed customer support
Secure: GDPR & SOC 2 compliant

What Our Customers Say....

"We started the selection process looking for a partner who could hit the ground running with real industry knowledge in safety and compliance best practices and a system with a strong record of success. We take our safety and community stewardship responsibilities very seriously as a company and we wanted a solution that would help support a best-in-class program as we continue to grow. During the evaluation process, VelocityEHS stood out."

Cory Larson, Corporate HSE Supervisor - Crescent Point Energy Corp

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Risk Verification Software

Performance Standards

  • Define metrics for measuring performance
  • Incorporate performance ratings (e.g., high/medium/low, or percentages)
  • Embed auditor notes to improve audit accuracy and efficiency
  • Map performance standards to critical controls for standards audits

Schedule and Monitor Verifications

  • Schedule & deliver critical control verifications to the right people
  • Deploy no-training-required verifications methods
  • Identify non-compliances in real-time
  • Schedule risk reviews and performance standard reviews
  • Categorize results by safety management system elements
  • Track location level risk management activities

Improve Visibility & Reporting

  • Drive employee engagement with org-wide visibility of risks
  • Centralized access to inspection and audit data
  • View real-time as inspection results as updated in the field
  • Document compliance with international regulations, e.g., WHS (Australia), COMAH (UK), OSHA PSM (US), and ISO 45001
  • Categorize results by safety management system elements

The Worry of Not Knowing

How do you know when you’ve done enough?

With risk, there is no finish line. Even after you’ve identified hazards and other vulnerabilities, and prescribed controls, and assigned accountability, you’re still not done. Without feedback letting, you know the controls are in place and effective, you are carrying the burden of worry.

That worry is magnified when managing multiple facilities, with complex processes and a variety of equipment, across the globe. And in such a case, it’s not enough to verify, you also need to standardize and centralize your risk activities while allowing and accounting for site-based differences?

At some point you realize, it’s not about how hard you work or how much you care. Some tasks are beyond the scope of human effort. Too often, it’s a realization that doesn’t come until there is a serious incident that undermines the very good and serious effort your team has put in.

You need a solution that confirms your efforts are working and releases you from carrying your anxieties home at the end of the day.

The Simple Solution

Risk Verification from VelocityEHS streamlines your activities across locations with automated workflows and improved visibility. It’s the ability to link your verifications directly to your risk register – the list of your potential hazards and associated risks, and see ratings for controls both before and after implementation.

Now you can develop a shared performance standard for all of your facilities, with assigned weightings, and embedded notes for auditors so they know exactly what to look for. Just as importantly, you’ll have access to real-time, aggregated reporting on the performance of all your facilities. It’s the control and visibility you need, within a simple dashboard view, to document performance and drive continuous improvement.

Worry comes from uncertainty. With Risk Verification, worry is replaced with documented certainty that you’re meeting compliance with international regulations like WHS (Australia), COMAH (UK), OSHA PSM (US), and ISO 45001. More importantly, you’ll know you’re meeting the higher standards you and your team set for yourselves as you identify non-compliance in real-time and organize people and processes against the right risks at the right time.

And you’ll have the security that comes from knowing your team is backed by the VelocityEHS Team, a global powerhouse serving over 20,000 customers and 10 million users. There are advantages that come with being part of the largest community of EHS professionals, including software rooted in best practices and a user interface that has been shaped by the best minds in the industry.


A True Cloud Solution

Our Risk Verification solution can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any mobile device — and our growing list of mobile apps gives you the flexibility to deploy our solutions on-site or in the field, even when you’re offline.

Helping You Be Better

Eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with risk verification activities so you can focus on being a more effective EHS and ESG leader.

Delivering Value

Designed with continuous feedback and industry insights from customers like you, our solutions are more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provide the simplest user experience for you and your employees.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

Our simple design and intuitive user interface mean you spend less time using the software and more time focusing on the overall safety of your facilities and your employees.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

Our Risk Verification solution is backed by our expert team of Customer Success professionals who will give you the individual attention you need to help reach your EHS and ESG goals faster.