Risk Management Software

Managing risk is not about eliminating risk. It's about harnessing risk to fuel growth and propel your organization forward. It's about protecting your most important assets-- like people, natural resources, and your good reputation. With software that engages your employees and makes them part of the solution, VelocityEHS gives you a chance to find and manage EHS risk hidden in plain sight.

VelocityEHS Risk Analysis Software

Risk Analysis

Quickly and easily uncover the day-to-day risk at work in your facility so you can start to get control.

Core Capabilities

Hazard Studies
(JSA/JHA, PHA and More)

Bowtie Analysis

Qualitative Risk Analysis

Risk Registers

For all types of risk
(i.e. Technical, Operational, Enterprise)

VelocityEHS Risk Verification Software

Risk Verification

Knowing your risks is just the start. Systematically controlling that risk in a prioritized way is the key to success.

Core Capabilities

Everything in Risk Analysis, plus:

Master Controls

Performance Standards

Control Ownership

Schedule and Monitor Verifications

Simple Verifications

VelocityEHS Risk Assurance Software

Risk Assurance

Harmonizing risk activities across locations requires visibility that extends from the top down and the bottom up.

Core Capabilities

Everything in Risk Verification, plus:

Master Bowties

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Multi-Scenario Assessment

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Register Types