Risk Analysis Software


Core Capabilities

  • Hazard Studies
  • Bowtie Analysis
  • Job Safety analysis (JSA)
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Environmental Aspects & Impacts

A comprehensive cloud software solution that helps you identify, assess and eliminate risks to your employees, your facilities, and the environment.

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Accurate Hazard Identification

  • Identify, control and compare hazards for tasks
  • Configure risk assessment forms to match organizational process and promote best practice
  • Perform Aspects & Impacts Analysis to reduce environmental impacts and comply with ISO 14001

Seamless Risk Management

  • Easily monitor and compare risks across all locations and facilities
  • Control and reduce risks to quality, safety, health and the environment
  • Track preventive and corrective actions to ensure hazards are addressed in a timely manner
  • Simplify the various methods for defining, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and the probability and impact of environmental aspects
  • Reduce potential hazards to your business, your reputation, and the safety of your workforce

Robust Reporting in Real Time

  • Create awareness of hazards throughout the organization
  • Determine which tasks and processes have the most risk across the organization
  • Integrate risk management and analysis with your core business, ensuring your EHS work aligns with business objectives across the organization

Getting Clarity

How do you make the invisible, visible?

In large and/or complex organizations, risks are everywhere. And if you’re the person charged with controlling hazards, operational threats, or environmental concerns for your company, it can be difficult even figuring out where to begin. Pick wrong, and you could put the entire enterprise in jeopardy.

Even for the best of us, eliminating risk in the workplace is a never ending job. The carrot is always just out of reach when it comes to risk analysis and abatement. At best, you eat the proverbial elephant one bite at a time starting with the activities you perceive to be the highest risk and working down from there. At any given time, there is an endless list of JSAs, HAZOPs, bowtie analyses, and other risk assessments that need to be completed for the first time or reviewed and updated. Shrinking budgets and accelerating cycle times compound the problem.

How do you create risk awareness companywide, and keep employees on your side as partners in the analysis and management of risks. New processes, new people, new tools — any of these can introduce a variety of hazards and environmental considerations into the workplace. Risk lives in the real-world, in real-time, and you have to be able to make informed decisions quickly. Trying to manage the process on paper and spreadsheets is unsustainable and limits participation; at the same time, using EHS software that is clumsy or complex is a step in the wrong direction. You need a tool that makes risk visible and easily comparable to other risks.

The Simple Solution
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The Risk Analysis solution from VelocityEHS provides you with a powerful tool to assess risks at any level of your enterprise. It is flexible enough to handle the job safety analysis of a single role as well as the comparative analysis of locations or even organizational processes. If you’re ready to make meaningful changes in your organization, Risk Analysis is a powerful solution for making visible the everyday risks that threaten your success.

As our 13,000 customers and 8 million users can attest, our goal is to make the complex simple so you can reach your EHS objectives faster —the Risk Analysis solution is a perfect example of that promise. Not only can you use it to promote best practices and identify issues, our software allows you to easily track preventative and corrective actions to ensure hazards are addressed in a in a fast, effective, meaningful way. Users can even perform Aspects & Impacts Analyses to reduce environmental impacts and help ensure compliance with global regulations and standards such as OSHA (US), the Health and Safety Executive (UK), Work Health and Safety Regulations (Australia) ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

The VelocityEHS solution saves time and allows you to be more strategic. Everything runs off a centralized platform and is available across locations via the cloud, so it has the potential to take the burden of EHS risk mitigation and environmental governance off your shoulders and to share it with people across the organization. It’s simple and engaging design means anyone in your organization can use it. At the same time, it gives you the controls you need to easily monitor and compare hazards across locations and at every level of the business. It’s clarity for you, and clarity for your business. It’s time to retire paper analysis and manually maintained risk spreadsheets for good.

Helping You Be Better

Our Risk Analysis solution helps you better manage the risks to your business, your people and your environmental impact. With more streamlined and effective tracking and reporting processes in place, you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. Our tools will eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with assessing risk so you can focus on being a more effective EHS leader.

Delivering Value

Like all of our products, our Risk Analysis product was designed with continuous feedback from customers like you. This deep level of understanding of the complex challenges EHS professionals face has helped us create a solution that delivers the most value to you and your business. Our easily accessible platform and relevant cloud EHS capabilities – like Risk Analysis – are more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provide the simplest user experience for you and your people.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

By leveraging our EHS expertise and knowledge of industry best-practices, we’ve created a Risk Analysis solution that provides the best user experience. Our simple and intuitive design means that you spend less time using the solution and more time focusing on the overall safety of your facilities and people. We believe simplicity is paramount to your success.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We understand that our success depends on your success. That’s why we believe it’s not about selling software, but creating a supportive relationship with personalized service, support and expert advice. Our Risk Analysis solution is backed by our team of experts to give you the personalized attention that helps you achieve your safety goals faster. It’s responsiveness that sets us apart and makes companies continue to use our software solutions.

Incident reporting is now easier than ever with the VelocityEHS Mobile App. Customers can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play. Simply download the app to your tablet or smartphone, enter your login information and Partner ID, and begin using the VelocityEHS Mobile App's exciting new features. Don't have your Partner ID? Contact [email protected] for help.