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Industrial Hygiene Simplified

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The VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform makes it easy to maintain a centralized sample and equipment management program across your enterprise.

Core Capabilities

  • Global Chemical/OEL Database
  • Lab & Consultant Access
  • Laboratory SAG Integration
  • Automated Chain-of-Custody Forms
  • Similar Exposure Group (SEG) Integration

A cloud software solution designed for easy use with your tablet or smartphone, giving you the flexibility to manage every aspect of IH compliance anywhere, anytime.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS Industrial Hygiene

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Guide: 7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Industrial Hygiene Program

Download our guide to learn the key strategies for easily and efficiently coordinating and managing all the moving parts of your Industrial Hygiene program.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS
IH Sampling & Equipment Software

Simplify IH
Sample Data Entry

  • Record, access & analyze IH sample data within a single system
  • Access auto-populated fields, pre-built templates, SAG integration, chemical/OEL database, smart QC features & more
  • Instantly generate chain-of-custody paperwork

Sample Analysis

  • Compare sample results against auto-updated library of chemicals, ACGIH TLVs, OSHA PELs, AIHA RELs & NIOSH RELs
  • Give labs & consultants direct database access
  • Reference quantitative data & statistics while performing qualitative exposure assessments

Streamline Equipment Tracking

  • Track sampling equipment inventory, maintenance & calibration records
  • Verify sample accuracy & document compliance
  • Eliminate paper files by adding related survey information & supporting media
  • Calculate respirable silica PELs to meet MSHA standards

The Accelerate Platform is EHS & Sustainability done right.®

Quick: Implement in weeks not months
Insightful: Business intelligence & reporting
Helpful: Built-in guides & training
Friendly: 3rd party Integration ready
Fast ROI: Accelerated time-to-value
Simple: All actions & tasks in one place
Informative: Auto alerts, emails & texts
Multilingual: 20+ languages
Effortless: Easy to update & upgrade
Mobile: Highest mobile adoption
Attentive: Committed customer support
Secure: GDPR & SOC 2 compliant

What Our Customers Say....

"If you’re going with IH software, this is the one!"

Carole Newman, Owner - HIH Laboratory