Industrial Hygiene Software

Our Industrial Hygiene solutions can work independently, or together as part of a comprehensive approach to IH. Built by Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), VelocityEHS Industrial Hygiene solutions are designed to help you assess and control workplace stressors and maintain world-class IH programs. No matter where you where you fall on the IH maturity curve, VelocityEHS can help you automate and streamline your IH workflows.

IH Program Management

Streamline industrial hygiene and effectively communicate the value your program to stakeholders.

Core Capabilities

Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs)

Qualitative Exposure Assessments (QEAs)

Sample Plans

Global Chemical & OEL Database

Lab & Consultant Management

Reporting & Analysis

Medical Surveillance

Put employees in the right surveillance programs to comply with stressor-specific standards.

Core Capabilities

Medical Surveillance

Auto-Enroll SEGs

Compliance Tracking

OH Provider Access

Exam Scheduling

Employee Histories

industrial hygiene

Respirator Fit Test

Maintain a centralized RFT program, and verify compliance with less effort, time and cost.

Core Capabilities

Standardized RFT Tracking

Fit Test Scheduling

Pre-Loaded Test Protocols

Pre-Test Procedures

Qualitative & Quantitative Testing

RFT Compliance