Keep your workers safe, no matter where their work is.

Industrial Ergonomics

Educate & empower employees to make the right decisions.

Working in field services can mean a lot of things. But it almost always means that workers have less control to make “the job fit the worker.” When your work environment changes often, it becomes harder to assess the risk of musculoskeletal disorder injuries and illnesses.

The right tools for the job plus the knowledge to quickly evaluate the workplace are critical. Our solutions give you a process that won’t fail, no matter where the work is.

Benefits of VelocityEHS Ergonomics
on the Accelerate® Platform


Access interactive online training anywhere, anytime, in topics ranging from basic awareness to advanced design, empowering your people to take action.


Easy-to-use, A.I.-driven, sensorless system with scoring and reporting tools for employees and managers. Real-time data highlights progress and trends.


Prioritize what can easily be improved, what cannot, and what can be retrofitted to reduce MSD risk. Track progress of jobs and ensure follow-through

Three key components

Build knowledge quickly with interactive online training modules that cover everything from principles of ergonomics to design guidelines.

  • Based on the latest research
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Includes learning verification

Your teams will work with our certified professional ergonomists to assess and improve problem jobs. The software captures:

  • Risk analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Risk reduction results

Ergonomics process owners can easily monitor the activities of their team, track the status of improvement plans, and generate reports, such as:

  • Risk maps
  • Improvement reports
  • Training status
  • ROI, and more
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40 K Users Trained
155 K Job Assessments
20 Languages Supported

Resource from our Ergonomics Experts


Do Occupational Exoskeletons Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders?

French researchers summarized 30 high-quality, peer-reviewed articles on the benefits and risks of using occupational exoskeletons to reduce MSDs in the workplace. Since 2018, 13 of those articles have been published. Director of Research Blake McGowan shares the findings in this installment of "The Bottom Line" video series.

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What Our Customers Say...

"The data-driven outputs of VelocityEHS Industrial Ergonomics have allowed us to make a strong business case and justify the necessary improvements to management."

Chris Shieldsmith, Corporate Ergonomics Specialist, Cummins