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Control of Work Done Right

Control of Work is a critical component of managing operational risk at every level of a global enterprise. With permit-to-work, contractor management, visitor management, and additional SaaS tools, you can ensure onsite visitors have been properly vetted, trained, and approved.

VelocityEHS® Control of Work helps global leaders seamlessly manage complete contractor journeys and electronic permit-to-work processes across locations in a centralized system.

Benefits of VelocityEHS Control of Work Software Solution

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Explore Our Core Control of Work Capabilities

Protect your employees and reduce risk, while increasing visibility for stakeholders with the tools in our cloud solution.

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Electronic Permit-to-Work

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Contractor Management

Contractor Self-Serve Portal

Qualification Management

Visitor Management

Induction & Orientation

Dashboards & Reports

Electronic Permit-to-Work

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Learn More

Contractor Management

Contractor Self-Serve Portal

Qualification Management

Visitor Management

Induction & Orientation

Dashboards & Reports

Learn how Depuy Synthes put the control back in their work.

Case Study

Learn how VelocityEHS Control of Work helped the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer streamline and centralize their contractor management process, resulting in a more efficient system that saved time and money.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS Control of Work

We believe that enterprise organizations deserve better. Better outcomes. Better control. Better experiences with our software solutions.

Ensure 100% Compliance At All Times

  • Easily manage qualifications
  • Assign roles to individual contractors
  • Get notice of contractors due on-site
  • Manage induction & orientation anywhere

Save Time with Automated Workflows

  • Reduce administration time by up to 90%
  • Simplify audit preparation
  • Train & onboard contractors in advance
  • Avoid security/front desk bottlenecks

Centralize Management in One System

  • Real-time visibility of visitors
  • Raise, review, approve, close & print permits
  • Manage conflicts & on-site activity
  • Access dashboards & create reports

What our customers say….


“[VelocityEHS] has greatly added value to our business. The process efficiencies gained through their systems has provided us with a return on investment within six months.”

Michael Tuohy – EHS Manager, AbbVie



The Accelerate Platform is
EHS & ESG done right.®


Business intelligence & reporting


Built-in guides & training


3rd party Integration ready

Fast ROI

Accelerated time-to-value


All actions & tasks in one place


Auto alerts, emails & texts


20+ languages


Easy to update & upgrade


Committed customer support


GDPR & SOC 2 compliant

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Control of Work Software

Features and Benefits

Simplify Compliance

  • Easily add and manage all key company details and qualifications
  • Assign roles to individual contractors
  • View visitor calendar and get notice of contractors due on site
  • Manage contractor induction and orientation anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure 100% conformity levels through workforce qualification reviews
  • Automatically identify and stop contractors that are non-compliant and unqualified
  • Dictate non-discretionary SOPs and steps for contractors

Automate & Improve Follow Through

  • Reduce the manual work of administrative tasks
  • Simplify audit prep with complete visibility of chain of command
  • Empower contractors to self-manage qualification and induction
  • Dedicated contractor portal with vendor level details and documentation
  • Save time and money through streamlined workflows

Centralize & Standardize Reporting & Activities

  • Raise, review, approve, close and print permits
  • View all work and permit activity (including all approved, awaiting approval, closed, cancelled, and rejected permits)
  • Manage conflicts and on-site activity with site map and calendar
  • Track contracting companies, sub-contractors and individual contractors
  • Access dashboards and create reports on permit status
  • Search for contractors by role, type, status and description

Challenge and Solution

Taking Back Control of Your Facilities

Managing the flow of visitors, contractors and vendors coming in and out of your campus, plus ensuring all of the proper permits are in place for the work they do, is too much for one person or even a small team of people to do via spreadsheets or outdated systems. This is especially true in a post-pandemic world, where tracking people onsite is a critical and lifesaving task. An employer’s responsibility for the training and welfare of all onsite workers (temporary or not) continues to increase, and regulatory oversite of the same is at an all time high.

As a risk manager or EHS professional, now is the time to ask if your current Control of Work program is actually creating risk by using disparate systems and inefficient processes. Are essential tasks and details falling through the cracks, resulting in incomplete or insufficiently closed permits? Are you struggling to enforce processes due to a lack of controls and standardization across multiple sites?

The Simple Solution

Taking back control of contractors and permit is easy with VelocityEHS Control of Work. You’ll gain peace of mind with 100% certainty that every contractor onsite is safe and compliant. Button up your processes and oversite with automated and electronic workflows and documentation, and you and your team will work smarter, not harder. Seamlessly manage the complete contractor journey and electronic permit-to-work process in a centralized system, and you’ll dramatically decrease administration time, reduce risk of accidents, and easily pass internal audits.

VelocityEHS is the recognized leader in Control of Work, with a who’s who of global enterprise customers like DuPont, AbbVie, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, GSK, Diageo, Nestle, Heineken and others.

When it comes to contractor management and permit to work, nothing beats having the certainty that the right people are in the right places, doing the right work; and that the wrong people and activities are stopped in their tracks before they can do any harm. With VelocityEHS, you will be able to keep compliance documents up-to-date, ensure full contractor & visitor recognition and check-in processes are in place, and empower your contractors to tackle induction and orientation anytime, anywhere.

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Stress less and achieve more with VelocityEHS at your side. Our products and services are among the most recognized by industry associations and professionals for overall excellence and ease of use.

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