PSM - Process Safety Management

What is Process Safety Management (PSM)?

Process Safety Management is an OSHA standard requiring the management of hazards associated with processes that involve highly hazardous chemicals (HHCs). It is also also the generally used term for the management of HHCs, which is required by numerous similar regulatory regimes around the globe. Examples of typical PSM covered activities include petroleum refining, reactive chemicals and explosives manufacturing, ammonia refrigeration, etc. Covered facilities must establish formal procedures to manage changes to processes and train employees on emergency procedures and safe work practices for covered processes. The EPA also enforces similar requirements under its Risk Management Plan (RMP) Rule.

Why Perform Process Safety Management (PSM)?

In addition to complying with OSHA and EPA standards, PSM provides businesses that handle HHCs around the world with a rigorous system for minimizing the risk of catastrophic accidents. PSM failures often result in asset and property damage, loss of life and environmental contamination. Other benefits of PSM include:

  • Better onsite communication between departments and leaders
  • Strengthened relationships with community and first responders
  • Mitigate risk to reputation that comes along with catastrophic incidents
  • Improved productivity and less unplanned downtime

How VelocityEHS Can Help

The VelocityEHS Management of Change (MOC) solution provides an all-in-one cloud software system for planning, coordinating, executing and tracking changes to covered processes to ensure comprehensive assessment and communication of risks from start to completion. As part of our of award-winning EHS platform, MOC works in line with other VelocityEHS products, like Risk Analysis, Training Management, Audit & Inspection, and On-Demand Training to help you ensure compliance with OSHA and EPA requirements, and minimize operational risks to your facilities.

Process Safety Management is supported by our Management of Change Solution. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Maintain a complete record of process changes and approvals in one central system
Document multiple risks for each individual process change
Conduct in-depth risk assessment and impact analysis
Control changes with integrated pre- and post-startup checklists and approval settings
Track pre/post action items, and distribute escalating email notifications when deadlines are missed
Conduct comprehensive HAZOP studies to evaluate and prioritize potential risks from new or modified processes
Easily distribute HAZOP and other risk analysis findings to create awareness of process hazards
Schedule and track preventive and corrective actions to ensure hazards are addressed in a timely manner

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