Orientation & Inductions

What is Orientation & Inductions?

Contractor orientation and inductions are a simple yet effective way of ensuring that contractors are aware of any health and safety procedures and site rules to follow. While inductions and orientations are very much necessary, they are also a source of delay for contractors to begin work, as they must sit through the induction before they start.

Why Do Orientation & Inductions?

Without proper orientation and inductions, contractors have a higher tendency for negligence or non-compliance with rules and regulations. Moreover, these workers are prone to injuries and fatalities.

Using contractor orientation and induction software to manage contractors and subcontractors, their inductions, and overall compliance makes it easier to conduct operations with confidence. An effective contractor induction and orientation program protects people, productivity, and profitability by encouraging and promoting safe work activities, responsibilities, operation procedures, and rules by:

  • Promoting a safe working environment
  • Ensuring adequate knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Understanding of critical rules and regulations
  • Drive improvement in productivity and quality of work

How VelocityEHS Can Help

With the VelocityEHS Control of Work Induction and Orientation module, contractors can complete their induction or orientation remotely before they arrive on-site, saving time and getting the contractor straight into the work they are being paid to do.

Worker Orientation & Inductions is part of our Control of Work Solution. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Electronic Permit-to-Work
Contractor Management
Contractor Self-Serve Portal
Qualification Management
Visitor Management
Induction & Orientation
Dashboards & Reports

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