Oil And Gas

High-Performance Solution for High-Risk Operations

VelocityEHS gives companies throughout the oil & gas supply chain the tools to control risk, safeguard workers and simplify compliance.

Features And Benefits

The VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform drives the visibility and accountability needed for ESG and operational excellence.

Manage Risk

Identify, quantify and control
the full scope of environmental, health and safety risks across your enterprise. Provide stakeholders at every level visibility into risk to to ensure accountability and strategic operational alignment.

Drive ROI

In an industry prone to fluctuations, your EHS & Sustainability software should drive stability, efficiency and productivity. Achieve an accelerated speed to value return through tight risk management and ESG leadership.

True SaaS

A mobile workforce operating in-the-field, under harsh conditions, requires a solution built from the ground up to be as mobile and flexible as you have to be. The Accelerate Platform is scalable and nimble so you’re covered wherever you’re people go.


Safety Management Checklist

Download our free Safety Management Checklist outlining the key features of an effective program, along with best practices that are proven to optimize core safety management functions, simplify compliance, and help you achieve higher levels of safety performance.

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What Our Customers Say...

“It was like night and day after installation. Not only were the big efficiencies there, but there were little benefits that emerged too. For example, our field staff no longer had to handwrite hazard IDs and then submit them to be entered into another database, which eliminated duplication of work for them as well as our safety coordinators. They really liked that.”

Duane Bolin, Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manager - Ember Resources