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Video Transcript

Environmental, social and governance, or ESG, is changing the way we do business and for companies of all sizes it’s creating massive data collection and data reporting challenges.

You must choose your ESG partners carefully and VelocityEHS should be at the top of your short list.

To help you reach your goals, we’ve assembled the best EHS and ESG software talent in the industry and embedded their expertise into the award-winning VelocityEHS Accelerate Platform – a centralized system that automates data collection and management and simplifies climate reporting and environmental compliance.

When it comes to ESG Management, VelocityEHS ESG offers simple to use capabilities including comprehensive Materiality and Double-Materiality Assessments to help you identify risks ensure, transparency, and align with your Global Supply chains. GHG and Energy Management to simplify the collection validation and reporting of your greenhouse gases. Strategy management and metrics to track manage and view the progress of your ESG initiatives in one Central Hub.

VelocityEHS can also automate the collection of hundreds or even thousands of utility data sources from around the globe. The potential gains and efficiency and accuracy are astonishing.

When it comes to Environmental Compliance, VelocityEHS makes it easy to oversee all your critical environmental data, including emissions monitoring, calculation and reporting capabilities that scale to handle every application.

Simplified enterprise-wide Waste Management to ensure compliance with Key Waste Management regulations. Comprehensive monitoring analysis and reporting to simplify compliance with International federal state and municipal water quality and management standards.

Never miss a reporting deadline again, remove human error from your programs and showcase your team’s performance to key stakeholders in real-time.

With VelocityEHS, you’ll have the visibility control and strategic insights you need to deliver superior outcomes in a crowded and kinetic marketplace.

Do your due diligence. Choose a partner invested in your success that can deliver a global strength ESG Solution. Choose VelocityEHS.