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Video Transcript

If you’re operating in a high hazard industry, like those covered by PSM regulations, then you already know how important management of change is.

Good management of change protects your people, facilities, community and business from the risks and unintended consequences of poorly managed change.

If you’re not in a PSM covered facility, then you may not beware that management of change best practices can also work for you.

In fact, when it comes to change, precise coordination and oversight of people and tasks can make life, in almost any industry, easier.

That’s why VelocityEHS designed our industry-leading Management of Change software product to help anyone wrestling with change.

VelocityEHS helps you coordinate workflows, manage processes, and improve the safety and productivity of your workplace.

By letting you: More effectively track all action items related to the change request, improve communications with all stakeholders, organize change requests in one, easily accessible location and save time otherwise spent manually figuring out where the latest document is located.

Let’s face it, trying to monitor change requests and effectively communicate them companywide is hard enough on its own, but trying to do it with paper-based systems, emails, spreadsheets, or antiquated EHS software makes the job even harder.

With total visibility and control at every step, from concept approval to completion, our cloud-based Management of Change software solution helps you initiate change requests, track change request status and approvals, create and deploy pre-startup Safety Review (or PSSR) checklists, and produce audits and summary reports on the current status of all changes all from an easy-to-access centralized location.

For even greater efficiency, mobile accessibility means you and your people can monitor and access change requests anywhere from any mobile device, and even manage corrective actions when offline.

So, no matter what the size, scope, or complexity of the change you’re managing, with VelocityEHS, you have the ability to reduce risk by ensuring everyone is on the same page — every step, every stage, every time.