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Video Transcript

These days, more and more companies are reducing or even eliminating their in-house IH staff and turning to EHS generalists and third-party consultants to manage their IH programs. For non-IH professionals just stepping into the role, it can be intimidating.

After all, IH is a highly technical discipline that relies on complex exposure data to drive critical decisions about workplace health and compliance. Even the most seasoned IH professionals still struggle to keep their programs running at peak performance.

No matter the size of your company, your personal level of expertise, or the maturity level of your current industrial hygiene program, VelocityEHS’ IH solutions give you easy and intuitive ways to implement and manage a best-in-class IH program.

Its’ simple design cuts through the complexity of IH tasks and empowers you to assess and manage workplace risks across your enterprise in real-time.

VelocityEHS brings everyone together in an easy-to-use, low-cost platform to ensure the seamless hand-off of responsibilities from one party to another, giving you the visibility, you need to manage every aspect of your industrial hygiene program.

Unlike other IH software products, VelocityEHS’ IH Program Management is an active, fully integrated software platform that helps you implement and maintain a comprehensive program, built upon established AIHA management principles.

IH Program Management saves you significant time and effort by integrating your IH sampling data, SEGs, QEAs, sampling plans, database of stressors and OELs, analysis, reporting, and other IH functions into a single system.

VelocityEHS Sample & Equipment Management virtually eliminates data errors and delays and minimizes your data entry workload by providing labs with secure system access.

Labs’ analytical data can be directly entered into your database for faster analysis and reporting, giving you rapid access to the insights you need to effectively control exposure risks.

With the VelocityEHS Respirator Fit Test solution, the scheduling, documentation, and follow-up for all your RFT activities is standardized through a single, easy-to-use software platform.

Quickly document which workers use each respirator type, schedule, and assign fit tests, select from pre-loaded test protocols and procedures, and record test results to easily verify compliance across your entire organization.

VelocityEHS Medical Surveillance ties all your program stakeholders together into one easy-to-use system, giving you a central location to access and manage your medical surveillance data, eliminating possible confusion from outsourcing medical surveillance program activities.

Automatically identify and enroll or unenroll workers in the right surveillance programs based on similar exposure group, or SEG, status — helping you to better focus your resources and eliminate unnecessary SEGs and medical exams.

VelocityEHS’ suite of industrial hygiene software addresses what you need to manage your critical IH tasks, and helps you easily achieve and sustain the world-class IH program your employees deserve.