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Video Transcript

VelocityEHS Environmental Management solution simplifies the way you track, manage, and report your air emissions, water quality, and waste compliance data.

Whether you have a single location with rigorous reporting requirements or are a global enterprise looking to transform your environmental footprint, let us help you collect and analyze the environmental data you need to meet your corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and compliance goals.

With VelocityEHS, centralizing and standardizing the monitoring of your air, water, and waste activities is just the first step. Our unique hybrid calculation engine automatically converts the data you collect from any location into the metrics you rely on for reporting and analysis.

You can create your own custom emissions formulas or access a full library of pre-built industry standard calculations. Plus, for air and water, you can even automate the transfer of data from your remote monitoring and control equipment directly into the system using OSIsoft PI interface.

All of our environmental solutions are designed to help you comply with the international, federal, state, and municipal standards at both the enterprise and facility level. Some examples include conformance with air, water, waste.

Not only does VelocityEHS Environmental Management make reporting your data to outside agencies and stakeholders quick and painless. It delivers real-time updates to your phone including auto alerts for data that falls outside of accepted ranges or approaches permit limits.

Businesses today face a challenging regulatory landscape, public demand for corporate responsibility, and growing investor interest in sustainable business practices. VelocityEHS helps you answer the challenge and achieve even greater levels of environmental performance.