SDS Authoring

Expert, Hand Crafted Safety Data Sheet
& Chemical Label Authoring

Creating high-quality GHS formatted safety data sheets (SDSs) is both an art and a science. Certified authoring professionals from VelocityEHS — and its MSDSonline brand of chemical management solutions — can create new documents or update your existing documents to comply with all local, national and international regulations.

When it comes to SDS authoring, we recommend and provide a hands-on approach. Let our experts handle the complex process of organizing your information in the proper format based the jurisdiction your SDS will serve, whether that's OSHA's HazCom Standard, Health Canada's WHMIS, the European Union, or other global GHS and country-specific formats.

Our team of authors is ready to help you. Call us toll-free now: 1.888.362.2007. Outside the US, dial 1.312.881.2000.

VelocityEHS can author your SDSs for you

Expert Authoring

SDSs are hand crafted by certified experts in the EHS industry utilizing robust authoring technology. We deliver a fast turnaround, while putting every document through a rigorous review to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance.

Improved Compliance

Beyond authoring, turn to our experts for reviews of your existing materials to ensure local, national and global alignment with standards like GHS, OSHA, WHMIS, EU, CLP, and others. And if you have technical data sheets or safety documents for products that are exempt from HazCom requirements — like certain articles and non-hazardous products — our team can help with those as well.

Stay Focused On Your Business

Authoring SDSs, creating labels and reviewing documents for compliance requires specific skills, and can take lots of time for the uninitiated. Our experts can take on that burden for you, allowing you to stay focused on the critical day-to-day tasks that drive your business.

GHS Alignment

Our authoring pros are fluent in GHS and can help you move your global SDSs to the new format with ease and confidence.

GHS / HazCom Requirements

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, and similar standards enacted around the world, require companies to review all known physical and health hazards of the chemicals they produce or import to determine if they are hazardous according to regulations of the countries/jurisdictions to which they ship. If your chemical(s) meets the hazard criteria, you must collect and assess related hazard information and produce the corresponding safety data sheets and labels for those products.

An added wrinkle to HazCom compliance is the current alignment to the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System (GHS) that is underway by over 65 countries. The goal of GHS is to unify hazard communication around the world, but there are important nuances from country to country in how GHS was adopted. Developed by the United Nations with input from global regulatory agencies, including OSHA and Health Canada, it has three main components:

  • Standardized hazard definitions and symbols
  • Standardized safety data sheet format and content
  • Standardized hazard warnings and symbols on container labels

VelocityEHS is well versed in GHS and can ensure that your documents meet the compliance rules for the markets in which your company operates.