Compliance Calendar

What Is A Compliance Calendar?

A compliance calendar centralizes and tracks important dates and deadlines related to critical regulations, permits, accreditations and reporting obligations. While often focused on external federal agency deadlines (e.g. OSHA or  EPA deadlines in the United States.), a compliance calendar can be used to track both internal or external events, as well as requirements at the local, national or international level.

Why Use a Compliance Calendar?

The consequences of missing important deadlines go well beyond non-compliance and can include significant fines, decreased productivity, and lost opportunities/revenues. A well-organized compliance calendar helps you avoid these and other unnecessary risks across your organization. A clear view of upcoming responsibilities allows you and your team ensure deadlines are handled in consistent, timely and thorough manner. Compliance calendars help your EHS program:

  • Get beyond always being reactive and moving from one fire to the next
  • Gain visibility into the full scope of your responsibilities and resource needs
  • Achieve greater accountability for what needs to be done, who's responsible
  • Send automatic reminders and escalating email notifications when deadlines are missed

How VelocityEHS Can Help

The VelocityEHS Compliance Calendar solution delivers a single reference point for all of your regulatory requirements. Track compliance tasks, deadlines, permit limits, due dates and agency communications, and build a comprehensive compliance calendar to help you stay current with all of the regulations, standards and company policies across all of your facilities.

To see the full set of Compliance Calendar features, click here.

Features Included
Simple and intuitive calendar format
Library of regulations, policies & permits in a single location
Sort by activity status, date, location and regulation type
Attach permits, forms, photos, published reports, etc.
Manage compliance tasks throughout organization
Set-up recurring action item assignments
Send escalating notifications to ensure tasks comppleted on-time

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