On-Demand Training Software


Core Capabilities

  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Nearly 100 Online Interactive Courses
  • Administrative Controls
  • Customizable Content (PowerPoint, SCORM)

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Our comprehensive cloud software solution offers an extensive library of on-demand training courses across a wide variety of EHS topics to help ensure training compliance and employee safety.

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Expand Your Reach

  • Virtual Classrooms Provide Training Flexibility
  • Nearly 100 expert-reviewed, interactive training courses related to your work environment. Topic examples include: Hazard Communication, Workplace Safety, Environmental Compliance, DOT Compliance, Emergency Planning, Personal Protection, HR Employment, and Lab Safety
  • Multiple-choice knowledge challenges to gauge employee comprehension
  • Printable course completion certificates

Gain Visibility and Control

  • Online management and tracking of student records, including participation, completion and certification
  • Organization-wide exportable reporting
  • Grouping of students and batch enrollments
  • Classroom management for hands-on learning
  • Administer-set certification periods and passing scores

Create Customized Training

  • Direct import of PowerPoint and SCORM content
  • Easy-to-use, browser-based course development tools

Mind Reading

How do you make sure others know what you need them to know, when you need them to know it?

When workers aren’t properly trained on workplace hazards and appropriate safety protocols, your business is at risk. Consequences can include higher rates of workplace incidents, escalating DART rates, workers’ compensation costs, lost time and productivity, and hefty fines from regulatory bodies such as OSHA, Health Canada, HSE and EU-OSHA national focus points.

Confirming employees are familiar with the hazards they will encounter in the workplace and are armed with the information they need to handle it properly is a daunting job, especially when you’re dealing with a large number of employees across multiple locations and departments. You know what needs to be conveyed, but are stifled by your training options.

One-on-one training methods are expensive and time-consuming. Classroom-style training on its own is often inefficient and negatively impacts employee productivity; plus, all of the effort and expense doesn’t always translate to desired outcomes. Yet, effective training is a core compliance requirement at the heart of most regulatory standards, and one of the best ways to avoid preventable workplace incidents. For companies trying to get beyond compliance and striving for operational excellence, failure to train is not an option — and that means you must overcome this challenge.

The Simple Solution
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On-demand training from VelocityEHS offers a highly effective and simple alternative (or compliment) to traditional training, allowing you to administer courses on a variety of EHS topics to employees at any time via an easy-to-use online interface, plus track and report on participation and completion. It can be implemented quickly as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a larger blended training strategy.

With one solution you have the ability to both share critical information with workers when they need it, and just as important, the ability to see that your message has been received and understood. No more guessing whether or not your training has hit the mark. At a glance you can see who has hit the mark and where additional training is required.

Our cloud EHS solutions are trusted by over 12,000 customers and relied upon by over 8 million users and our on-demand training courses run the gamut from GHS and bloodborne pathogens training to powered trucks and respiratory protection. With nearly 100 courses touching on every corner of environmental, health and safety, you can get back to focusing on other critical EHS issues.

Helping You Be Better

Our On-Demand Training solution helps you better coordinate and track training activities the effect your business, your people and your environmental impact. With more flexible and transparent processes in place, you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. Our tools will eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with training deployment, assessment and reporting so you can focus on being a more effective EHS leader.

Delivering Value

Like all of our products, our On-Demand Training product was designed with continuous feedback from customers like you. This deep level of understanding of the complex challenges EHS professionals face has helped us create a solution that delivers the most value to you and your business. Our easily accessible platform and relevant cloud EHS capabilities – like On-Demand Training – are more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provide the simplest user experience for you and your people.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

By leveraging our EHS expertise and knowledge of industry best-practices, we’ve created an On-Demand Training solution that provides the best user experience. Our simple and intuitive design means that you spend less time using the solution and more time focusing on the overall safety of your facilities and people. We believe simplicity is paramount to your success.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We understand that our success depends on your success. That’s why we believe it’s not about selling you software, but creating a supportive relationship with personalized service, support and expert advice. Our On-Demand Training solution is backed by our team of experts to give you that personalized attention that helps you achieve your safety goals faster. It’s this responsiveness that sets us apart and makes companies continue to use our software solutions.

Incident reporting is now easier than ever with the VelocityEHS Mobile App. Customers can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play. Simply download the app to your tablet or smartphone, enter your login information and Partner ID, and begin using the VelocityEHS Mobile App's exciting new features. Don't have your Partner ID? Contact [email protected] for help.