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Core Capabilities

  • Self-Assessment
  • Training and Evaluation
  • Corrective Actions
  • Issue Resolution
  • Reporting and Tracking

Our Humantech Ergonomics Software is a comprehensive cloud solution that allows you to easily and cost-effectively deploy web-based office ergonomics training and self-assessments to your employees wherever they are working.

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VelocityEHS Office Ergonomics Solution

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Easy & Effective Self-Assessment

  • Simple, user-friendly interface guides participants though proprietary training and risk assessment modules
  • Quick-fix advice and self-corrective tips provide solutions to most common office musculoskeletal issues
  • Bite-sized modules allow employees to fit their ergonomics training into busy schedules

Reduce Risk & Improve Employee Well Being

  • Improve workstation comfort and fit, reducing risk of MSDs
  • Empower your people to take control of their own health and comfort
  • Overcome shortcomings inherent in traditional ergonomics processes that rely solely on in-person experts (e.g.: time, distance, costs, and retention)

Sophisticated Administrative Reporting and Tracking

  • Manage entire ergonomics process via a single source interface
  • Easily deploy and monitor an entire enterprise-wide program, including tools to track employee progress and provide remote assistance
  • Extensive tools to assign, communicate, sort, search, prioritize, track, measure and document all aspects of the ergonomics process
  • Managed service and on-demand consulting available from our in-house board-certified professional ergonomists

Finding the Right Fit

What should you do when you don’t have the resources to do the right thing?

While it would be great to send a professional to meet individually with each of your employees for a personalized ergonomics assessment, training, and recommendations to reduce musculoskeletal disorders...with EHS budgets already stretched thin, that just isn't going to happen. Unfortunately, you also know the stats — OSHA, estimates just one cumulative trauma injury costs employers an average of $82,305; and the typical Fortune 1,000 Company pays $1.3 million for every 1,000 employees in costs due to preventable work-related injuries.

That means you’re stuck picking from a list of bad options: doing a mass ergonomics training that is often ineffective and a logistical nightmare; hiring an expert to address a small percentage of the workforce or to work with employees who are already experiencing issues; or continuing to expose your company to the risk of costly injuries and lost productivity.

It’s a no win situation. Yet, how can you privately coach every employee in your company, including those in other locations, to prevent MSDs from occurring in the first place?

The Simple Solution

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At VelocityEHS, one of our goals is to help you reach your EHS and sustainability goals faster. We design software solutions that are quickly scalable and that can be deployed enterprise-wide. Our ergonomics solution allows you to provide expert, web-based online assessment and training to thousands of employees at the same time for less than it costs to support traditional live coaching programs at a single location.

Ergonomics focuses on helping workers lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity and reduce the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal injuries. The VelocityEHS Humantech Ergonomics Solution makes it easy for employees to perform self-assessments and self-correct issues. Your people can fit training into their busy schedules, with online training that takes less than 30 minutes and can be completed as time allows. By right fitting jobs to your workers with improved workstation layouts and workflows you set them up to achieve significant gains in productivity and job satisfaction. Your improved ability to see and control ergonomic risks will also help you align with the requirements of global standards and regulations such as OSHA's General Duty Clause, the UK DSE Regulations, and the Canada Labour Code.

Now, without leaving your desk, you can deploy and monitor an entire enterprise-wide system, monitor progress, provide remote assistance, track and report on ergonomic processes. You no longer have to choose which employees to protect, and can manage risk, control loss and contribute to your company’s bottom line in meaningful ways — through program efficiencies and reductions in worker injuries.

Helping You Be Better

Our Ergonomics solution helps you better manage the risks posed by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) to your business and your people. With more streamlined and effective ergonomics processes in place, you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. Our tools will eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with monitoring and reporting on MSDs so you can focus on being a more effective EHS leader.

Delivering Value

Like all our products, our Ergonomics product was designed with continuous feedback from customers like you. This deep level of understanding of the complex challenges EHS professionals face has helped us create a solution that delivers the most value to you and your business. Our easily accessible platform and relevant cloud EHS capabilities – like Ergonomics – are more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provide the simplest user experience for you and your people.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

By leveraging our EHS expertise and knowledge of industry best-practices, we’ve created an Ergonomics solution that provides the best user experience. Our simple and intuitive design means that you spend less time using the solution and more time focusing on the overall safety of your facilities and people. We believe simplicity is paramount to your success.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We understand that our success depends on your success. That’s why it’s not just about selling you software, but creating a supportive relationship with personalized service, support and expert advice. Our Ergonomics solution is backed by our team of experts to give you the personalized attention to helps you achieve your safety goals faster. It’s this responsiveness that sets us apart and makes companies continue to use our software solutions.

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Incident reporting is now easier than ever with the VelocityEHS Mobile App. Customers can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play. Simply download the app to your tablet or smartphone, enter your login information and Partner ID, and begin using the VelocityEHS Mobile App's exciting new features. Don't have your Partner ID? Contact [email protected] for help.