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Remember When Tracking Emissions Was Hard?

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The VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform simplifies emissions monitoring, calculation and reporting with capabilities that scale to handle every application, from simple pollution tracking to Title V permit compliance.

Core Capabilities

  • CEMS Data Logging and Calculation
  • Powerful Hybrid Calculation Engine
  • Major Source Emissions Compliance,
    e.g. Title V
  • Fully Customizable and
    Exportable Reporting
  • Theoretical Emissions Modelling, e.g. PTE

A cloud software solution designed for easy use with your tablet or smartphone, giving you the flexibility to manage every aspect of air emissions compliance anywhere, anytime.

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VelocityEHS Environmental Management

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Infographic: The EHS & Sustainability Journey

The EHS & Sustainability Journey Infographic will help you gain a clear view of your progress towards becoming a safer and more sustainable operation, while helping you establish a vision for success. Take our easy self-assessment to gauge your progress, and gain insights on how move forward.

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Benefits of VelocityEHS Air Emissions

Data Collection

  • Enter CEMS data real-time via OSIsoft© PI
  • Instantly upload data from PDF collection forms
  • Get mobile access
    anywhere, anytime
  • Easily import historical data from legacy systems

Monitor & Calculate in Real-Time

  • Map emission units, control equipment and sources
  • Access full equation library and custom formula builder
  • Easily manage factor changes
  • Get alerts for permit exceedances, approaching limits, etc.

Emissions Reporting

  • Use with numerous
    reporting frameworks
  • Simplify custom analytics with Report Wizard
  • Directly export to CEDRI/CDX, TCEQ STEERS, & more
  • Populate TRI Form R and export to TRI-MEweb

The Accelerate Platform is EHS & Sustainability done right.®

Quick: Implement in weeks not months
Insightful: Business intelligence & reporting
Helpful: Built-in guides & training
Friendly: 3rd party Integration ready
Fast ROI: Accelerated time-to-value
Simple: All actions & tasks in one place
Informative: Auto alerts, emails & texts
Multilingual: 20+ languages
Effortless: Easy to update & upgrade
Mobile: Highest mobile adoption
Attentive: Committed customer support
Secure: GDPR & SOC 2 compliant


Leveraging Your EHS Software System to Drive Culture Change

View our complimentary on-demand webinar designed to help employers and EHS managers achieve the highest levels of engagement with EHS software systems through user-focused implementation strategies and best practices you can implement in your own workplace.