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Quickly Assess the Effectiveness of Your Ergonomics Program

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So, your organization has committed to an ergonomics program to improve both worker health and productivity. The continued support and future funding of that program will depend on the effectiveness of your ergonomics process in meeting its goals. To help you gauge the current state of your program and ensure you’re moving in the right direction, our certified ergonomists created this easy-to-use, interactive Ergonomics Program Self-Assessment.

The questions cover six essential areas of a program designed around continuous improvement (Management Review, Policy, Plan, Do, Check and Act). Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll get personalized results that help you identify where your efforts are succeeding and where you have gaps. You’ll also get custom recommendations for actionable next steps to help advance your ergonomics process to the next stage of program maturity.

Start Your Assessment

Let the Experts Show You How to Advance Your Ergonomics Process