JSA - Job Safety Analysis

What is a Job Safety Analysis?

A job safety analysis (JSA), also known as a job hazard analysis (JHA), is a way of finding and fixing uncontrolled hazards before they occur. It involves breaking down workplace tasks into small steps and paying close attention to employees as they do their jobs, use their tools, and interact with their environments. Once hazards are identified, corrective actions are taken to resolve issues.

Why Do JSAs / JHAs?

If you don't know the hazards your employees face in their daily tasks, how can you keep them safe? Performing JSAs on a regular basis and sharing results with workers is essential to reducing risks. Both employers and employees benefit. For instance, JSAs help to:

  • Reduce workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Shrink workers compensation costs
  • Increase productivity, cut lost time
  • Improve employee health and satisfaction

How VelocityEHS Can Help

The VelocityEHS Risk Analysis module makes the whole JSA and JHA process faster and simpler. Ditch the paper and use your mobile device to document hazards, track corrective actions, and share results with other people — instantly. Easy access to hazard information and preventive measures means a safer and more efficient workplace for everyone.

JSAs are part of our Risk Analysis Solution. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Perform JSAs / JHAs
Capture data using tablets & mobile devices
Attach photos, links & other info to records
View Risk Matrix to prioritize risks
Assign, monitor & manage corrective actions
Automate escalating deadline email notifications
Generate & deliver reports

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