Internal EHS Audit

What Is an Internal EHS Audit?

An internal EHS audit is a self-evaluation — done by your own people, not a third party consultant or a regulatory inspector — to identify non-conformances, or gaps between your plans and your actions. The idea is to find and fix problems before they become bigger problems. Once an issue’s root cause is identified, corrective actions are developed and assigned.

Why Do Internal EHS Audits?

EHS internal audits as a way of making sure you’re really doing the things you say you are doing. Companies that pursue certifications for under international standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 need to conduct frequent internal EHS audits to ensure the health of their management systems. Internal EHS audits enable you to:

  • Increase employee buy-in for your EHS program
  • Improve ISO/OHSAS compliance
  • Correct system failures
  • Build better EHS management practices
  • Prepare for regulatory audits

How VelocityEHS Can Help

With the VelocityEHS Audit & Inspection solution you can quickly schedule, assign and conduct EHS internal audits. Drive consistency through all elements of your management system by building tailored checklists your internal auditors can easily deploy in the field. It’s the visibility you need to maintain a world-class EHS management system that engages your employees and improves the value of your business.

Internal EHS audits are supported by our Audit & Inspection Solution. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Accurately evaluate adherence to regulations, policies and management standards
Build tailored checklists and assign them to any of your locations
Attach documents, photos, links, and other audit and inspection information
Generate and assign corrective actions for individual checklist items
View all audits throughout organization, and sort by workflow status, location, date, and assigned individuals
Measure employee participation in workplace audits
Publish summary reports for audit outcome transparency

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