GHS Labels

What are GHS Labels?

GHS labels are labels affixed to containers of hazardous chemicals. They provide safety information using a format developed by the United Nations. OSHA requires GHS labels on hazardous chemicals that are shipped and/or sold. OSHA also requires labels on chemical containers in the workplace. Workplace labels (a.k.a. secondary container labels) do not have to follow the GHS format. However, using them is a best practice a lot of employers are choosing.

Why Use the GHS Format to Label Workplace Containers?

Labeling chemicals in the workplace can be a matter of life and death. At the very least, the labeling system you choose will either make it easier or harder for your people to stay safe and protect others. The GHS format makes sense because it:

  • Quickly communicates the dangers of chemicals to workers
  • Empowers workers to make good decisions
  • Makes it easy to create compliant workplace labels
  • Reduces training time (you must already train workers on GHS)
  • Aligns labels with info found on safety data sheets (SDSs)

How VelocityEHS Can Help

The VelocityEHS Chemical Management solution helps you print workplace labels in GHS and other regulatory formats. If we are managing your SDSs electronically, we can take hazard information from them that allows you to print GHS styled labels with the click of a button. Our software is compatible with leading label makers — like Avery, Brady and DuraLabel — giving you lots of printing options.

GHS Labelling is part of our Chemical Management Solution. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Generate workplace labels quickly and easily
Print in GHS format using info indexed electronically from SDS
Generate and print custom barcodes
Scan labels with mobile app to access chemical info
Use labels to map, track and reconcile containers in the field
Wire up to Avery, Brady or DuraLabel print solutions

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