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OHS Leaders Australia Summit

March 6-7 | Brisbane, Australia

VelocityEHS is a proud sponsor of Australia’s largest gathering of senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing executives at the 12th Annual OHS Leaders Australia Summit March 6-7, 2024. Meet our experts and attend our speaking session.

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Psychosocial Factors and MSDs: What’s the Connection

Sam Gerges

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 6 at 12:30 p.m.

Presenter: Sam Gerges, CPE, Senior Manager, Consulting, VelocityEHS

Description: The bottom line: Psychosocial and organizational hazards contribute to musculoskeletal disorders. How? Most jobs involve some of these hazards and, if not managed, these factors can harm a worker’s mental and physical health. Poor organizational change management, high or low job demands, poor workplace relationships and low job control, are just a few factors that can contribute to workplace injuries. The good news is, these can be managed.

During this session, VelocityEHS certified ergonomist Sam Gerges will share tips and best practices for implementing an ergonomics process regardless of whether your state takes a guidance or a regulatory approach.

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