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ChemTel is Now Part of VelocityEHS

VelocityEHS—the #1 EHS software provider—is excited to expand its solution suite to include Emergency Response Services powered by ChemTel.

Following the recent acquisition of ChemTel, VelocityEHS has launched its Emergency Response Services, expanding its EHS solution suite to help businesses address virtually any hazardous chemical safety and regulatory compliance concern.

With more than 10 million users worldwide, more businesses trust VelocityEHS to safeguard employees, manage risk and meet complex compliance obligations than any other provider in the industry. Below is just a sampling of VelocityEHS’ many solutions:

  • Emergency Response Services: Globally recognized, 24-hour hotline for shipping compliance, exposure support, anytime email and fax access to SDSs, and lithium battery-shipper support.
  • SDS/Chemical Management: Easiest to use, newly updated MSDSonline chemical inventory management platform and industry-leading SDS database containing millions of documents, plus tools for container-level chemical inventory management, workplace labeling, and regulatory reporting.
  • Authoring: Expert, hand-crafted safety data sheets and chemical labels aligned to GHS and other key regulatory requirements.
  • EHS Management: Incident Management, Audit & Inspection, Risk Analysis, Environmental Compliance, Management of Change, Corrective Action, and more.
  • Ergonomics Management: Industrial and Office – backed by 40 years of experience, North America’s largest team of board-certified ergonomists and new cutting-edge artificial intelligence assessment technology.
  • On-Demand Training: Dozens of course topics covering workplace safety, environmental compliance, DOT compliance, emergency planning, personal protection, and more.

Visit for additional details, and contact us today to learn more about all of the ways VelocityEHS can help you simplify workplace safety and compliance.