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At the VelocityEHS User Conference, several breakout sessions were held, spanning various topics to help educate attendees on best practices for improving processes in all facets of safety at their own companies.

During this session, Karl Ryan, Global Enterprise Account Manager, spoke about the importance of invoking change in an organization’s safety processes by becoming your own champion, drawing from his own personal experiences, as well as case studies from VelocityEHS customers.

Change Is Not Easy 

To become a champion and invoke change within your organization, it’s important to first know what problem you want to solve. It’s also crucial to acknowledge what pains exist in your process today (accidents, administration, employees not following procedures, etc.), so you can decide what to address. 

The next step is to prepare for getting your buy-in from stakeholders. Karl’s quote – “With time and patience, even a snail will get to Jerusalem” – was a fun way of saying it’s okay to slow down and be pragmatic about how you approach your next move. Ask yourself: Who should be involved with this? How could this change benefit them? How do I communicate this plan? Answering these will allow you to be confident in not only your belief and confidence in yourself, but for others as well. 

How Can You Achieve the Dream with Control of Work? 

Karl drew on several examples of customers he’s helped make significant change by implementing VelocityEHS Control of Work

GSK achieved their goal of setting global standards for their permit to work process, which had been bogged down by paper permits. Abbvie gained control over their contractor process and was able to pass internal audits. Abbott was able to easily enforce internal requirements across all divisions to achieve true compliance with their standards. 

Karl gave some additional spotlight to the Google case study, as they had great success invoking change to their Control of Work process. Being such a large company, Google needed help managing 1000+ contractor companies, 3000+ safety inductions and 25,000 safe permits across the globe. They’re now saving 20 minutes per permit by utilizing VelocityEHS. 

VelocityEHS Can Help You Too! 

Our Control of Work Solution, part of our VelocityEHS Accelerate Platform, can help your business easily find qualified contractors to carry out permitted work at your facilities and have the documentation and audit trail to keep you compliant. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to improve your Control of Work program.