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If you’re a chemical manufacturer or importer, are you currently meeting requirements for information required in Section 1 of an SDS? During webinars and in-person events, we often get questions from safety professionals, chemical manufacturers and chemical importers regarding the emergency number requirement.

Both HazCom2012 in the United States and WHMIS 2015 in Canada require manufacturers and importers of chemicals to include an emergency contact telephone number in Section 1. Someone capable of providing more information concerning the chemical product and its hazards, including emergency response information, must be available at the number.

VelocityEHS can help here. We know that when you’re responsible for compliance with ever-changing hazard communication regulations such as HazCom and WHMIS, you need solutions that save you time and simplify key tasks.

Let us help by providing you with an emergency contact telephone number that helps you ensure compliance with SDS section 1 emergency contact requirements.  Through that number,  you and the end-users of your chemical products get  24-hour access to our in-house team of chemical safety experts. You can also use this number on hazardous shipping papers and manifests to meet DOT, FAA, IMDG, IATA and other global shipping requirements.

This 24-hour emergency contact number is available through our globally and federally recognized Emergency Response Services, which is now a part of VelocityEHS. And that’s just one of the benefits of our Emergency Response Services, you also get chemical around-the clock exposure support, lithium battery shipping support, and more.

To learn more about how we can help and to request a quote, please visit our Emergency Response Services page.