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Since COVID-19, workplaces have changed enough to trigger an increase in musculoskeletal disorders at organizations that are not proactive with ergonomics. Here’s a summary of polling results from health and safety professionals who attended The VelocityEHS Short Conference in May and our MSD Tsunami webinar in December.

Industrial Workplace Results

• 60% of respondents said efforts and activities related to their industrial ergonomics programs have decreased since COVID-19 began.
• 60% said workplace stress and muscular discomfort/pain has increased since COVID-19 began.
• 85% said their “return to work” playbook included nothing, or very little on industrial ergonomics and reducing workplace MSDs.
• 50% anticipate an increase in workplace MSDs after “return to work.”

Office Workplace Results

• 68% said their employees now “working from home” are experiencing more workplace stress and muscular discomfort/pain.
• 71% said their “Working from Home” playbook included nothing or very little about office ergonomics and reducing workplace MSDs.

Finally, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, 99% of respondents are anticipating industrial and working from home MSDs to stay the same or increase.

Now more than ever, the spirit of continuous improvement is crucial for organizations wanting to avoid the MSD storm. Knowing what to look for is key, so if you missed out this time, be sure to visit our webinars page to learn more.

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