Introduction to Hazard Communication, Part Six: Overcoming Common Challenges by Putting Your HazCom Program to Work

The sixth and final installment in our "Intro to HazCom" series is out now. Click here to read the full article and find out how to make sure your HazCom program is effective — and by that we mean that your people actually act on the hazardous chemical information, resources, and training you’ve provided.

If you missed our previous posts in this series or want to refresh your memory, just follow the hyperlinks to read about the basics of HazCom (Parts One and Two), the challenges of chemical container labeling (Part Three), the requirements for a written HazCom plan (Part Four), or strategies for getting your HazCom training right (Part Five).

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All of us here at VelocityEHS wish you good luck in your HazCom journey, and many safe and happy days.