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While on-the-job injuries often occur at worksites in industries such as construction and manufacturing, they also happen in office environments. For example, BLS data show that in 2017 alone, there were more than 63,000 injuries reported for office and administrative support occupations – and that’s just one example of an occupational group exposed to office hazards.

Many of these incidents — and the resulting noncompliance penalties — are preventable with the right safety training measures in place. VelocityEHS offers an Office Safety training course as part of our On-Demand Training course library, which can help you ensure your workers are aware of several common office hazards and key steps to take for safety.

Simplify Safety and Compliance with On-Demand Training

The Office Safety On-Demand Training course covers common hazards and safety practices for office environments including ergonomics, stress, hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens, electrical safety, and emergency evacuation. The course:

  • Identifies employer and employee responsibilities under the Hazard Communication Standard and other applicable regulations
  • Defines common terms and elements of various office safety programs
  • Specifies controls and work practices to reduce risk factors for office injuries

If you’d like to enroll your workers, click here to contact us or call us at 1.888.362.2007. You can also learn more about the benefits and features of our On-Demand Training solution here.