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Video Transcript

Communicating the value of ergonomics to business stakeholders is a critical part of getting your process off the ground. How can you get management to listen? Speak their language and highlight return on investment in business terms. Value is defined as the worth to the operation. The goal of ergonomics is to optimize human performance, and when you do this right, there are two primary outcomes: improved employee well-being and enhanced business performance.

EHS and HR professionals typically understand the impacts to employee well-being, things like reductions in absenteeism, first state and modified duty cases, recordable injuries, and workers’ compensation costs. Yet stakeholders like plant leadership, operations, board of directors, and investors typically have limited awareness of these impacts. They can overlook that ergonomics enhances product quality, increases manufacturing performance, and improves employee engagement. It can even result in better stock performance and corporate social responsibility.

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