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Video Transcript

Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) requires companies with hazardous chemicals above certain thresholds, as set by the agency, to submit a Tier II report for the previous reporting year by March 1st.

Mandated by Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act—commonly shortened to EPCRA—Tier II reports capture critical information about the types, quantities, and locations of hazardous chemicals at a given facility.

Submitted annually to local fire departments, local emergency planning committees, and State Emergency Response Commissions. The information helps local and state emergency responders prepare for chemical-related events involving your facility that could affect the community and provides them with a point of contact for each reporting facility in the event of an emergency.

Tier II reporting requirements and procedures vary from state-to-state. While most states accept electronic or hard copy Tier II forms, some only accept forms submitted online using state-specific submission software or the EPA’s Tier II Submit software.

A good electronic Chemical Management Solution with expanded container-level inventory management tools, robust regulatory cross-referencing features, and sophisticated reporting capabilities can help streamline your Tier II reporting obligations. By quickly and easily generating pre-populated, correctly formatted electronic forms that are ready to be uploaded to the Tier II Submit system.

When unplanned disasters strike at or near covered facilities, the hazardous chemical information provided through the annual Tier II report proves critical in alerting first responders to the potential dangers they’re up against.

To avoid steep fines and even more significant damages of noncompliance, ensure that your facility is up to date with all its Tier II reporting obligations today.