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Video Transcript

VelocityEHS Risk Management gives you the ability to document, analyze, prioritize, and mitigate risks across departments and facilities using a standard method all from one centralized location so you get a more complete picture of the EHS risks in your organization.

With VelocityEHS Risk Management, you can schedule and perform Job Safety and Job Hazard Analysis to find and address uncontrolled hazards before they lead to accidents.

Perform HAZOPs to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks or prevent efficient operation.

Build Bowties to visually map the linkages between risk causes, events, and impacts. Schedule and deliver critical control verifications to the right people and track location-level risk management activities.

Better still, our robust reporting makes it easy to prioritize the tasks and processes that present the most risk, so that you can focus your resources where they will have the most impact and increase awareness of hazards throughout the organization.

With an easier way to coordinate your teams to perform risk assessments and assign corrective actions, VelocityEHS helps you take risk out of the equation so you can keep workers safe, proactively manage environmental impacts Protect sophisticated process equipment from damage and become an even more effective EHS leader.

Whether you are looking to get control of the day-to-day risk at work in your facility with Risk Analysis, ready to start systematically controlling that risk in a prioritized way with Risk Verification or want to harmonize your risk activities, making it easier to analyze and manage risk across your entire organization with our Risk Assurance product we have a solution that is sure to meet your needs – across all categories of risk faced by your organization.