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Video Transcript

As the person responsible for EHS in your organization, you’re expected to not only track and report on workplace injuries, illnesses and other undesired events but more importantly, to anticipate and prevent them from happening in the first place.

You can’t do it all yourself, and with VelocityEHS Incident Management software, you don’t have to.

Now, your front-line workers have the ability to quickly and easily record injuries and illnesses, near misses, vehicle accidents and environmental releases all in one place.

You and your team can assign and track preventative and corrective actions, automatically generate regulatory docs like OSHA record keeping forms and even capture incident data offline using the VelocityEHS Mobile App.

Our award-winning mobile app even allows you to take advantage of the native capabilities of your devices, like cameras and voice-to-text features, to capture data faster and in greater detail.

As a manager, our simple-to-use system also helps you save time by centralizing incident case records and supporting investigation information in one location.

Create custom reports or use one of our 25 pre-built reports and dashboards to accurately visualize your workplace EHS performance.

In short, VelocityEHS Incident Management is the fastest and easiest way to build an EHS culture focused on prevention and make EHS and sustainability part of everyone’s job.