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Video Transcript

As an EHS professional, you need a fast and reliable way to gauge your EHS and sustainability performance against any number of regulations, internal policies and industry standards or practices.

Yet managing effective audit and inspection programs using spreadsheets or disjointed legacy software is difficult and time intensive.

It’s easy to lose control, especially if you’re trying to manage these programs in complex facilities or across large enterprises with multiple locations.

Auditors shouldn’t have to be Excel experts and the vital data from inspections shouldn’t remain confined to a clipboard.

VelocityEHS Audit & Inspection simplifies your life by helping streamline your internal audits, inspections, and behavioural based observations.

With purpose-built software that includes integrated corrective actions, now you can quickly and easily deploy an unlimited number of pre-built and custom checklists, schedule reoccurring inspections, instantly initiate corrective actions, and maintain all audit documentation in a central and easily accessible location.

You and your team can also make on the spot inspections and observations offline using the VelocityEHS Mobile App.

We even offer Enhesa and STP members direct access to pre-built audit and inspection checklists within our solution to help you assess EHS compliance in more 200 jurisdictions around the globe.

Identify non-conformance, drive compliance, improve efficiencies, maintain visibility on open findings, drive findings to closure and easily track and report on your performance so all of your stakeholders stay engaged and up-to-date.

By simplifying audit and inspections, VelocityEHS software lets you spend less time, money and effort on manual compliance tasks, and more time being the EHS leader your people deserve.