Global Standards

No matter where you operate in the world, the challenges you face managing health, safety, sustainability, and risk likely boil down to protecting your people, driving operational efficiencies, being good stewards of resources, and being a good partner to your larger community. And yet, the specific regulations and standards you face can vary widely country to country, industry to industry, business to business, and even facility to facility.

VelocityEHS is the solution of choice for over the 1/3 of the Global Fortune 1000, we work with over 18,000 customers and 10 millions users in over 60 countries, and we know what it takes to support facilities around the world. Our goal is to be your partner in compliance and to help you build a world-class risk management culture. That starts with education and awareness. Select a topic below for a high level introduction to an important standard.


ISO 45001

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Health and Safety Executive

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